Dupont Circle YMCA Sold to Developer, Will Close on Dec. 31

by Tim Regan October 1, 2015 at 2:00 pm 1,126 8 Comments

Dupont Circle YMCA, photo via Street View

YMCA of Metropolitan Washington has sold its Dupont Circle facility to a developer and will close on Dec. 31, the nonprofit announced today.

YMCA’s board of directors sold the building at 1711 Rhode Island Avenue NW to real estate developer Akridge, said YMCA spokeswoman Jackie Dilworth. The building has housed a YMCA facility for 37 years.

According to the press release, the sale is part of the nonprofit’s effort to “serve more region-wide residents and provide more volunteer and employment opportunities, thus increasing its impact in the region.”

Additionally, the nonprofit said proceeds from the sale will help fund the revitalization of other YMCA facilities in the District and help reinvest in family-facing programs, pay off debt and possibly help fund the opening of a new YMCA somewhere in the city.

Photo via Google Street View

  • Britt

    what a devastating loss! the Y provides so many wonderful services to families and individuals in the DC Metro area. I personally am very saddened by the loss of a pool facility– the Y was an amazing place for people to be introduced to swimming and triathlons. Their teams and coaching staff were superb in helping adults spanning all ages and abilities to achieve their goals. I can’t stress enough how disappointed I am by this news. 🙁

    • Fred S

      Shocking news…

  • richardlayman

    What I don’t understand is why the org. didn’t just pursue a joint development deal. Redevelop the site, but still include a YMCA within it, with development above.

  • Craig Howell

    Where are the Village People when we need them?

  • LCman

    The Y’s statement, that this is actually a good thing, is about the most flagrant example of Orwellian double-speak I’ve ever heard. Guess that’s why professional spokespeople make the big bucks.

  • LCman

    I guess this will give the glitzier gyms in the vicinity an excuse to charge even more for their fancy memberships. Personally I don’t go to gyms for the social experience or to make a fashion statement. I’ll miss the no-frills basic workout ethic of the Y.

  • Lurker22

    And this is right after they bought a ton of new weight room equipment. Seems like a disconnect between management at this org. Just what Dupont needed more overpriced small condos.

  • ayplease

    they NEVER said a damn thing to the members until after the fact. not even the staff knew. I’m going to miss the sense of community in there, and the pool and the classes. I loved it there. Not that they give a damn what I or other members think.


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