Beloved Bench Missing from Bruce Monroe Community Garden

by Tim Regan October 7, 2015 at 4:30 pm 0

Bruce Monroe Community Garden bench

A bench beloved by many is missing from Bruce Monroe Community Garden (Georgia Ave. at Columbia Rd. and Irving St. NW) and the man who built it is looking for answers.

Garden steering committee member Marc Poe, the man behind the bench, said he first noticed its absence last Saturday. Poe assumes the bench was stolen, but added that taking it would have been no easy feat.

“The cast iron ends of the bench weigh about 30 pounds each,” he said. “I couldn’t move it by myself. I had to assemble it in pieces.”

Poe said the bench, a design collaboration with neighbors, took 10 hours to build, and incorporates materials found at Bruce Monroe.

“In essence, that bench has always been apart of that park,” he said. “I found the metal there, I found the wood there.”

Poe added he hopes that whoever took the bench understands the loss they inflicted.

“You’re stealing from everybody, not just some gardeners,” Poe said. “They ought to know that they’re making it harder for a pregnant lady to rest her feet and for an old person to take a rest after they tend to their garden.”

Information regarding the bench’s whereabouts can be sent to [email protected].

Photo courtesy of Marc Poe


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