ALERT: Guy Fieri to Film ‘Triple D’ in Dupont Circle on Friday

by Borderstan.com October 13, 2015 at 3:50 pm 4,469 6 Comments


(UPDATE: We finally found Fieri)

ALERT: Guy Fieri is coming to town. REPEAT: We are at level five Fieri.

The prince of pulled pork will cruise his red “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” convertible up and down several D.C. streets — including the block of M Street between 18th and 19th streets NW — on Friday, according an earlier notice on the District’s Office of Cable Television, Music, and Entertainment website. Fieri will also possibly make an appearance on H Street NE. [Update: The city office removed the page from its website this morning, but the show’s production company confirmed that he’d be there when we called earlier. And naturally, we took a screenshot before it went down.]

Where will Fieri be when he visits M Street? The answer to that question is … complicated. As it turns out, Fieri is kind of a hard guy to track. But that didn’t stop us from spending the whole day looking for him.

Here’s what we know: Fieri and crew will park along the 1800 block of M Street NW some time between the hours of 5 a.m. and 3 p.m. There are a handful of eateries along that block that appear to be logical destinations for a mucho-grande food fan, such as Bub and Pop’s (1815 M St. NW) or Sign of the Whale (1825 M St. NW).

So, we paid them both a visit. Employees behind the counter at Bub and Pop’s said they hadn’t heard a peep. A reader pointed out this afternoon that Bub and Pop’s is closed for a “special event” on Friday and Saturday, but Arlene Wagner, a partner at Bub and Pop’s, said, “we don’t know anything about it.” Wagner continued: “We’ve had that event booked weeks in advance. We would love it if he came here, though.”

Likewise, Sign of the Whale marketing manager Kelly Harwood said she hadn’t heard anything about a potential visit from the baron of roast-beefy.

Alright, so maybe he wants … soup? There’s a Soupergirl (1829 M St. NW) on that block. Maybe he’s trying to get healthy? But a visit to Soupergirl revealed nothing, though an employee behind the counter said he could “neither confirm nor deny a visit.” What about OKI Bowl and Sake Bar (1817 M St NW)? Nada. The employees there said they didn’t even know he was coming to town.

What else is on the block? Chipotle, Capriotti’s, Qdoba are all chain restaurants, so they’re out. Could it be the new-ish steampunk bar 1831? We checked, and nope. MPire and Camelot, given their business models, seem unlikely. The employees at House of Kabob (1829 M St. NW) said they hadn’t heard anything. Could it be Parlay (1827 M St. NW) or Ozio (1813 M St. NW)? It’s possible, but likely a dead end like the rest — though we will admit both bars did not return our request for comment.

Citizen Pictures, the company that produces and films the show, declined to say exactly where Fieri would be. Production Manager Michael Clayton said trips like this are kept secretive for a “myriad of reasons.”

“We keep things on a need-to-know basis prior to filming,” he said. “You’ll probably hear about this from the establishments involved after the fact, but until then no information has been released.”

It could also be that someone is lying to us. We just don’t know. So, the hunt for Fieri’s red convertible continues. Let us know if you’ve seen or heard where he might be on Friday. If you do, there’s a box of microwave jalapeno poppers in it for you. We mean that.

Photo courtesy of Guy Fieri.com

  • DeaconMac

    I’d bet that they are using that block of M Street as their staging area, but that he’ll actually be visiting a restaurant around the corner on 18th or 19th Street. One of my many former jobs was working as a production assistant for movies and TV shows shooting on location in DC and that would be the typical arrangement.

    • sproc

      I agree. I’m thinking either District Taco or the Surfside taco stand. Both seem to fit in with the show.

  • Anthology Coms

    CF Folks?

  • Fluxgirl

    Are there places in that area that will satisfy the DDD requirements? A dish that’s a chicken-fried, siracha-drenched, ghost pepper infused, breaded, cheese-sprinkled off-the-hook trip to flavortown?

  • Camelot Showbar

    Our friends at #Bordestan don’t think they’ll #FindFieri at #CamelotShowbar because of our “business model”…Clearly they haven’t tried our Grecian Chicken! #NotStripClubFood #HeyGuy #HolyCamelotBatman #1823MStreetNW #DC http://www.camelotshowbar.com

  • Anonmoose

    Come on people, it is going to be Bub and Pop’s. The booking “months in advance”…well, you think Guy just shows up and drives around to find place or they lay it out ahead of time?

    It is sad, Bub and Pops is too good a place to get that nasty Guy Fieri stink on it.


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