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Hotly Debated 14th Street 7-Eleven to Open Tomorrow

by Tim Regan October 19, 2015 at 2:00 pm 7 Comments

A 7-Eleven store that sparked a community petition opposing its existence will open tomorrow.

The store, located at 2300 14th Street NW, will serve as host for a “grand opening celebration” commemorating its successful opening.

The Change.org petition originally called for residents to rise up against a new 7-Eleven convenience store coming to the ground floor of the Solea condo building at 2300 14th Street NW.

Ezra Weinblatt, who lives in the condo and originally filed the petition, told us in July he was “not impressed by the processed and sugary foods that they sell,” and hoped “to get enough support behind the opposition to … demonstrate that the neighborhood would rather have a more local bodega, clothier or anything else.”

Much to Weinblatt’s dismay, the petition caused an outcry among those who felt it smacked of crypto-classism.

“I had no idea I would have so many detractors,” Weinblatt said in August. “I thought this was a slam dunk. The petition was accused of being classist. It couldn’t be anything further from the truth.”

Come tomorrow, will Weinblatt be able to resist the siren song of supersized sodas and cheesy stuffed Doritos?

“I’m not going to support it for the first 6 months,” Weinblatt added. “But I wouldn’t rule it out [later]. It’s not going to stay open because I buy a bottle of water once every six months.”

  • datbeezy

    The dude is only 1 or 2% less aware of his classism/elitism than your average progressive, which is why even though urban progressives support policies that would help rural white people, they’re still despised.

    • Popeye

      This guy’s campaign to stop a 7-11 was thoroughly misguided (and poorly executed, anyway). What an absurd waste of energy. And he still doesn’t get it.

      If rural whites do have disdain for “urban progressives” I suspect it has as much to do with Fox News as anything else.

      • datbeezy

        Fox News didn’t appear out of thin air, and they didn’t blitz the airwaves with a siege mentality that infected otherwise innocent minds. They might act as a wedge, but the cracks were already there. Of course, that the ‘other side’ believe that the single most popular news network in the nation is followed by people incapable of critical thinking or independent decision making surely couldn’t have anything to do with it. Like it or not, government is not just “for” the people – it’s “of” the people too. And a climate where the plurality is actively denigrated isn’t going to make anyone more willing to compromise.

        • Popeye

          “…the ‘other side’ believe that the single most popular news network in the nation is followed by people incapable of critical thinking…”

          Only because it’s often true.

          From that left wing rag Forbes magazine:

          Fox News Viewers Uninformed, NPR Listeners Not, Poll Suggests – http://onforb.es/1W3suTD

          • datbeezy

            I’m not arguing if those folks “are” informed/critical/etc. I’m saying the divide is, in significant portion, due to outright disrespect and denigration from the progressive left. You’ve demonstrated perfectly.

            Consider if progressive liberals talked about women the way they talk about conservatives and let me know if you think it’d be ok “because it’s true”.

          • Popeye

            “The way they talk about conservatives”? Oh please. Right or left, I have little regard for people who don’t think. Sadly for the GOP (and for the country, frankly) there is a dearth of that among the conservative base today, as evidenced by who the candidates are who a leading in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination.

            Your analogy doesn’t hold water. Not even a little.

          • datbeezy

            what can i say, if you are unwilling/unable to consider someone else’s political expression as valid, you’re just as much a problem as any fox news idealogue.


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