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Neighborhood Leader, Group Say No to Dedicated 16th St. Bus Lanes

by Andrew Ramonas October 22, 2015 at 4:50 pm 4 Comments

S2 bus

A condominium association and a community leader in Adams Morgan are speaking up against a proposal to create bus-only lanes on 16th Street NW.

Beekman Place condo owners at 16th and Belmont streets NW and ANC 1C commissioner JonMarc Buffa, whose district includes the area, have urged the District Department of Transportation not to remove lanes for normal car traffic. DDOT is studying whether dedicated bus lanes and other changes could help combat the overcrowding and erratic service that often plague the S1, S2 and S4 lines.

Axing lanes for normal car traffic would inconvenience many locals who normally drive to work, Buffa and the condo owners wrote in recent letters to DDOT. Borderstan obtained the letters this week.

“Many of my constituents are forced to travel by car because their jobs are located in areas that are not metro-accessible and so their ability to use 16th St. will be adversely affected,” Buffa wrote. “The consensus of my constituents is to ask DDOT to reject the installation of dedicated bus lanes. This was the most common concern that my constituents raised with me.”

Although the condo owners are against bus lanes, they aren’t anti-public transit, they note in their letter.

The condo owners wrote that they support more bus service and keeping stops at V and 16th streets NW. A plan to eliminate the stops at the intersection is among the bus service changes DDOT is considering.

Many Beekman Place residents “have chosen to live in the District but often have long commutes to jobs where public transportation is simply not an option,” the condo owners wrote. “Though some may argue that installing dedicated bus lanes would bring about a change in behavior and result in more residents using public transportation, this simply isn’t the case as these commuters have no choice but to drive to work based on the location of their jobs.”

DDOT is expected to complete its study of transit fixes and alternatives by January 2016.

  • UrbanEngineer

    It’s a fair argument, but it’s not going to get them anywhere. They need to say it restricts their religious freedoms or something along those lines to get DDOT to budge. If they just stick with ‘it won’t be convenient for us’, well then it’s solely a numbers game, and I believe the numbers are in favor of adding a dedicated bus lane.

  • Ephraim Firdyiwek

    Why would someone who lives in Adam’s Morgan drive south on 16th street to work?!? I can’t fathom a less efficient way to commute anywhere in the city. Buffa and whoever is spearheading this initiative need to wise up to the fact that the majority of people who live in the affected vicinity want a dedicated bus lane for the S# buses on 16th.

  • Daleks

    BRT is a great solution, and this should ideally move forward. This is a great idea, let it move forward.

  • Tough, you live in a city. Buses > cars.


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