UPDATED: Assailant Slashes Man With Knife in Logan Circle

by Borderstan.com October 29, 2015 at 4:20 pm 3 Comments

(Updated at 11:14 a.m. on Friday) An assailant slashed a man with a knife after an argument broke out in Logan Circle Thursday afternoon, police said.

The attack happened at Vermont Avenue and N Street NW at about 3:30 p.m yesterday. The victim was conscious after the assault.

Authorities haven’t released a description of a suspect.

Carl Shawen, a Pepco worker who witnessed the attack, said he saw two men arguing near the intersection.

According to the police report, the argument began when the suspect asked the victim for a cigarette. When the victim said he didn’t have any cigarettes, the suspect then pulled out a knife and slashed the victim on his left wrist.

Shawen said that after the attack, he saw the victim walk toward The Mondrian apartment building at 1200 N St. NW, where he was taken away in an ambulance. The other man wandered off toward the Luther Place Memorial Church at 1226 Vermont Ave. NW, added Shawen.

Police have not yet made any arrests related to the crime.

  • LCman

    Confusion: your headline says the attack happened “in Logan Circle.” The story goes on to say the argument “broke out in Logan Circle,” but the attack actually happened at Vermont and N Street. That intersection is two blocks south of Logan Circle. Those of us who live here would like to know if people are getting attacked in Logan Circle – meaning on the sidewalk encircling the circle or inside the park itself. Maybe you meant the attack happened in the Logan Circle area? That’s a lot different, at least to residents like myself concerned for our safety and where we walk. Clarification?

    • Borderstan

      Hi LCman. Sorry for the confusion. We’ve always used “Logan Circle” to reference the neighborhood. We generally refer to the area in and around the circle itself as “Logan Circle park.”

      This crime occurred in the neighborhood, not in the park.

      • LCman

        Thanks for that clarification – and thanks for the great job you do covering local news in this area. I still think it’s misleading to say something happened “in Logan Circle” (or “in Dupont Circle,” or wherever), when you mean in the Logan Circle area – which would have been a better choice of wording. As a veteran ink-stained wretch myself, I was brought up to take language at face value. That attack just flat did not occur “in Logan Circle” as the headline states, and as a journalist you don’t want to be caught saying something that is not true. Just a matter of clarity in communication, not leaving the reader to puzzle over something. Carry on.


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