Robbers With Semiautomatic Guns Strike Near Howard

by Andrew Ramonas November 3, 2015 at 1:05 pm 5 Comments

Police car light(Updated at 1:45 p.m.) A group of thieves with semiautomatic handguns robbed two men in Park View last night, police said.

The robbery happened on the 500 block of Gresham Place NW about 10:45 p.m. The area is just north of Howard University.

The victims were on a sidewalk in the vicinity when four people approached them and directed the victims to go to a nearby alley, according to authorities. In the alley, one of the suspects pulled out a semiautomatic handgun and held it to the stomach of one of the victims. Another suspect also flashed a semiautomatic handgun.

All four suspects told the victims to “empty your pockets,” police said. The robbers then took money, cell phones, a jacket and other items from the men before fleeing.

Authorities haven’t released any suspect descriptions.

A would-be thief with a knife also tried to rob a man in Columbia Heights last night, police said.

The attempted robbery occurred about 7 p.m. on the 1500 block of Harvard Street NW, which includes All Souls Church.

The victim was walking in the area when a man went up to him from behind and wrapped his arm around the victim’s neck, according to authorities. The man then whispered, “money,” to the victim, police said.

Soon after, the suspect moved in front of the victim and flashed a switchblade, according to authorities. The victim then ran away and called police.

A woman threatened two men with a knife in Columbia Heights yesterday afternoon, too, police said.

The incident happened on the 3300 block of 14th Street NW about 4 p.m. The area is just north of the DC USA retail development and on the same block as the Gala Hispanic Theatre.

The woman was holding the knife while standing in the vicinity and caught the attention of two men, according to authorities. She then began to scream and swear at the onlookers, insisting she had a right to defend herself.

The men eventually started to walk away, but the woman followed, police said. She then approached the men slowly and swung her knife at them.

Police arrested a woman in connection with the attack. But her identity wasn’t immediately clear.

  • Jose

    Is there a reason to specify semiautomatic so many times, other than to promote more fear? Does anyone really mug someone with a single shot handgun? I suppose it’s technically accurate, but it seems excessive to say it so many times, when almost all guns are semiautomatic. Now a fully automatic gun robbery would be worthy of mentioning…

    • Thank you for the note. We try to be as specific as possible about weapons used. We aren’t trying to promote more fear.

  • Shafique Kassam

    It’s starting to sound like the regular citizens of our neighborhood need to start carrying weapons for defense. Clearly since the police presence is highly lacking what with a violent crime happening 1+ times per week, every week in the area.

    • Popeye

      That’s the LAST thing I want to see happen. More people with guns = more dead and wounded.

      • Shafique Kassam

        I never said we should arm ourselves with guns, per se. What might you suggest since we are now seeing violent crimes in broad daylight in supposedly “nicer” areas of NW DC? Clearly the police aren’t doing much.


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