Dogs Officially Can Run Free in West End Park Next Week

by Andrew Ramonas November 19, 2015 at 12:30 pm 1 Comment

Dog park dogs (Photo via Twitter/D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation)

Dogs are set to have a D.C.-approved space of their own to sniff, frolic and play outdoors without their leashes in West End next week.

The unofficial Francis Dog Park at 25th and M streets NW is slated to become official Nov. 27, the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation tweeted today.

Deemed the “Best Future Dog Park” by Washington City Paper this year, the fenced-in field is “one of the few spaces in the city where dogs can still be dogs and owners aren’t prone to hovering or fretting,” according to the newspaper.

“Little dogs are welcome, but the action gets rowdy: The sheer size of the fenced area attracts big, fast dogs ready to chase tennis balls and wrestle in mud,” Washington City Paper noted. “Wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, and be prepared to see a few snarls and dust-ups.”

Photo via Twitter/D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation

  • WestEnd400

    Unfortunately, Francis Field is still an athletic field and from what we saw this week, the many many dogs who enjoy & need the large running space are now routed to a tiny cell without grass. When dog parks are too small to accommodate the canine population and when tiny dogs are enclosed in small spaces with larger dogs fights break out. In addition, the black surface material was described to us by workers at the site as “carbon.” Who wants their dog playing on carbon, and what human wants it tracked into their home? Carbon is a suspected carcinogen. It’s oddly difficult to find any information on the design or materials for this “park” (really more of an oversized dog crate) online. Why?


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