VIDA Personal Trainer Everett Shipmon On Benefits of Massage

by November 24, 2015 at 7:00 am 0

Everett Shipmon (Photo via VIDA Fitness)Most personal trainers will tell you that consistent weight training plus eating a clean, balanced diet is the surefire way to build strong, lean muscles. They’re right, but VIDA Renaissance personal trainer Everett Shipmon has another secret ingredient to building a sexy physique – regular sports massages from Aura spa!

Everett has been personal training for five years in the DC area and has been with VIDA since March of 2014. As a former track athlete, regular exercise has always come naturally for him and he enjoys being able to share his passion for fitness with others.

“I understand that what comes so easily for me is more difficult for other people. I want to share my expertise with them and help them reach their goals no matter what they are. My motto is consistency is key – goals are only reached one workout at a time,” he says.

Part of Everett’s consistency model is not only creating healthy habits in and outside of the gym, but giving your body the proper recovery and care it needs after intense workouts.

He currently visits Aura spa once a week for a 90 minute sports massage and says he can feel a noticeable difference in his muscles as a result. The massage is his favorite way to decompress after a heavy lifting session, and he says he can feel an overall improvement in the length and flexibility of his muscles.

“When you do a lot of strength training you’re actually breaking apart your muscle fibers. This forms adhesions (knots) in the muscles which cause tightness, and if not worked out properly can cause injury. Massages iron out those adhesions so the muscle fibers repair and rebuild correctly. I encourage all my clients to do regular massages at Aura” he says.

Everett has been a regular Aura spa client for ten months now and he says he’s never felt better! While he receives a sports massage on a weekly basis, he says he’s also a big fan of the pedi scrub and trying out the different kinds of essential oils we carry.

“The LMT’s are amazing and have helped me out on a number of occasions by recommending different products and checking in with me.  And I highly recommend the pedi scrub – everyone should try that!” he says.

If you’d like to book an appointment with one of our LMT’s or Estheticians, please visit our booking services page here. If you any advice about which services to try first, Everett is your guy!

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