Pilates Reformer Machines: Not As Scary As They Look

by Borderstan Sponsor December 1, 2015 at 7:00 am 0

promoPilates (1)If you haven’t been on a reformer before, never fear; the machine is not as scary as it looks – I promise. If you’ve done Pilates on a mat, you can expect similar positions and exercises but with added resistance and a fuller range of motion on the reformer.

The reformer uses springs, leverage and body weight to provide resistance while performing movements targeting specific muscle groups. The workouts consist of controlled, flowing movements working your muscles through a fuller range of motion that you wouldn’t be able to reach on a mat alone. The increased resistance provided by the reformer makes your muscles exert more force to overcome it, therefore making them stronger.

Your instructor will guide you through the proper core, abdomen and lower back positioning required to use the reformer correctly. Proper spine alignment is critical to using the reformer and your instructor will make sure your body is positioned as it should be. Benefits of using the reformer include increased muscle fiber endurance, connective tissue strength, improved posture and stronger core muscles.

A stronger core means more power generated to the rest of your muscles and a decreased risk of injury!

In the words of Pilates instructor and Group Fitness Manager Tami DeVitis, reformer classes start working their magic almost immediately.

“Mere words cannot describe the full benefits of taking Pilates Reformer classes. I must say that I started feeling the benefits and positive changes in my body after my second class, possibly even after

my first! No other form of exercise has provided me with such a marked improvement in muscle strength and flexibility in such a short period of time,” says Tami.

Tami taught my first reformer class, and was extremely helpful with demonstrating exercises and explaining how the machine was working as we did them. Her coaching really helped me feel aware of my muscles contracting and working to overcome the resistance.

Since starting her Pilates Reformer workouts, Tami says she feels much more aware of what her body is doing than ever before.

“This increase in awareness remains at all times and prevents injury. In addition, my posture has greatly improved – I know I run faster than before and it has even improved my yoga practice! I love training clients on the reformer as I see the change in their bodies and overall body strength so quickly,” she says.

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