TRX – The Class Where You Get to Defy Gravity

by December 8, 2015 at 7:00 am 0

promoTRXIn TRX, you’re using body weight, gravity and two suspension straps to perform literally hundreds of different exercises. The workouts are fast, effective and can target every muscle in your body with just one piece of equipment.

By placing your hands or feet in the straps hanging from the ceiling, the number of different exercises you can perform using your own body weight as resistance is limitless. In addition to whatever muscle group you’re focusing on, your core will be fully engaged during every exercise — two birds with one stone.

The versatility of TRX is what makes it so effective for people of all fitness levels. The difficulty of any TRX exercise is solely based on your body position and angle of leverage, which puts you in complete control of how challenging your workout is. If something feels too hard or too easy, you can adjust your feet just a few inches in either direction to find the right level of resistance for you.

Personal Trainer and TRX instructor Jeffery Cain uses TRX in addition to his weight training to focus on muscle toning. He explains TRX as a challenging, high intensity, dynamic cardiovascular workout that also teaches proper form for beginners.

“TRX is especially good for people who may be timid about weight training. It’s a great way to perfect your form before hitting the free weights or squat rack,” he says.

Both Reformer and TRX classes meet in small groups — Reformer no more than 4 per class, TRX usually maxes out around 6 — which ensures you receive individual attention from the instructor. Each exercise is demonstrated beforehand and the instructor is always close by if something feels off or if you need help getting your positioning right.

If you’ve been peeking into the TRX or reformer studios, now is your chance to see what all the hype is about. Check with a trainer or instructor at your VIDA location to see if you can sit in on a class to get a feel for it. Once you’re sold (and sore), you can purchase a 50 pack of TRX or Reformer training sessions during the month of February and receive one month of free VIDA membership.

As someone who just tried both of these classes for the first time this week, I can say with confidence that your body will thank you for adding them to your routine. Just be ready to feel sore in places you may not have felt before.

The preceding post was written by Elise Chretien and sponsored by VIDA Fitness


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