Vigil in Dupont Circle to Remember Victims of Terror Attack

by Tim Regan December 16, 2015 at 11:30 am 0

Vigil at DupontA crowd will gather in Dupont Circle park tonight to remember the 144 people killed in the Peshawar School terror attack in Pakistan, which occurred exactly one year ago today.

Attendees will congregate around the fountain holding flickering candles and placards with names of the victims and messages condemning terrorism at 7:30 p.m. this evening.

The event is being organized by D.C.-based Pakistan advocacy group AdvoPak.

“It will be a peaceful demonstration,” said Zaineb Majoka, founder and director at AdvoPak, in an e-mail. “We are not planning to have any speeches or slogans but we will have a megaphone in case someone wants to say a few words.”

Majoka said tonight’s vigil is meant to bring awareness to the victims of terror attacks in Pakistan and across the world.

“Through these vigils … we not only want to condemn all terrorist activities and use of violence but we are also trying to raise awareness about the human cost of these attacks and how each life matters,” Majoka said. “Staying silent is not an option anymore.”

Attendees who want to participate can bring flowers, candles, placards or nothing, she added.

“We will have enough supplies and anyone in the community is more than welcome to participate,” said Majoka. “In fact it should be a collaborative effort.”

Photo via AdvoPak


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