Shaw Dog Park Meets Fundraising Goal for Fence Project

by Jennifer Currier December 29, 2015 at 1:30 pm 0

Fix the Fence (via Facebook:Shaw Dog Park)After launching a fundraiser over the summer, a local nonprofit has met its goal and is now preparing to make improvements to a public space next spring.

The Shaw Dog Park Board of Directors announced via e-mail the organization has met the fundraising goal for its “Fix the Fence” campaign.

The campaign’s goal was to raise $3,000 to repair the fence that encloses the dog park at 1673 11th St. NW.

According to an update posted on its website, the organization’s project began over the summer and was halfway funded by late October. The rest was raised just before the new year.

The e-mail announcement explained the money will be used to make improvements to the fence that encloses the 15,000 square foot dog park, including fixing its gates and latches. It also set early spring as the time frame for when these repairs will begin because snow accumulation is likely to cause further damage to the fence and gates.

All the park’s operating costs — including spraying the gravel, planting new trees and installing tree boxes — are covered by fundraising efforts and donations from local dog owners and supporters.

Photo via Facebook/Shaw Dog Park


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