POLL: Will the Zoo’s New Red Pandas Escape?

by Tim Regan January 7, 2016 at 2:45 pm 0

You’ve probably heard by now that the National Zoo has two new red pandas.

The boy-and-girl duo, named Tusa and Asa, are the zoo’s first red pandas since the previous red pandas, Rusty and Shama, left roughly two years ago.

Do those panda names sound familiar? That’s because Rusty famously escaped the zoo only weeks after settling in to his new enclosure. Though the zoo took tough new measures to keep Rusty from escaping again, it’s safe to say Rusty proves that red pandas are intelligent, sneaky creatures with a penchant for breaking out … or at least that they’re good climbers.

So, we want to know: Do you think the new red pandas could escape? Weigh in by voting in the poll below or knocking on our office door and yelling words at us in person.


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