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‘Pony Pop-Up’ Coming to 14th Street NW This Weekend

by Tim Regan January 12, 2016 at 1:20 pm 6 Comments

Peppermint Pony

(Updated on Friday, Jan. 15: The Peppermint Pony will no longer bring its miniature equines. Instead, Big D’s Pony Rides will supply two ponies.)

Two real live ponies will visit 14th Street NW this weekend.

Constellation Theatre Company will host a “pony pop-up” in front of Source (1835 14th Street NW) this Sunday between noon and 3 p.m. The pop-up will star two precious ponies that passers-by will be able to feed and pet.

The pop-up is a promotional event for Constellation’s upcoming performance of “Equus,” which is the disturbing tale of a teenager “whose dangerous obsession with horses leads him to commit an unspeakable act of violence.” The play’s main character — once infamously portrayed on Broadway by Daniel Radcliffe — wades through scenes of ritualized violence, sexual ecstasy and a chorus of human horses during the production.

Though the play is “definitely for adults,” said Constellation PR rep Travis Hare, “any kids who are on 14th Street that day will enjoy hanging out with the ponies.”

“It’s their parents who we hope will come see ‘Equus,'” he added.

Photo via The Peppermint Pony

  • A pony pop-up sounds suspiciously like a petting zoo.

    • Borderstan

      Poweful tranqs are PROBABLY not needed here though. Just…FYI.

      • Angela Leigh Cichetti Deppe

        yeah no worries there! Our unwritten motto is “no carnies, crackheads, or cutoffs” ;-D

  • Angela Leigh Cichetti Deppe

    Looking forward to lightening the mood a bit. Come down and visit!

  • Brett Glass

    Inviting kids to pet ponies to promote a play in which (thankfully fictional) horses are abused… Appropriate?

  • Angela Leigh Cichetti Deppe

    This will not be happening due to the necessary permits not being able to be pulled.
    Apologies to anyone who expected to see us. We are still doing one on one Unicorn Discovery Encounters up here in Howard County MD. http://www.thepeppermintpony.com


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