‘Winter Storm Jonas?’ We Can Do Better Than That

by Tim Regan January 21, 2016 at 12:40 pm 5 Comments

The impending blizzard officially has a name, and that name is Jonas.

Jonas? Like, the brothers? Jonas? Like, the Weezer song? Jonas? Jonas? This storm — expected to dump double-digit snowfall across the region and bring wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour — is no Jonas.

We all know storms need to have catchy names. There was, of course, the Knickerbocker blizzard of 1922, the Presidents’ Day snowstorm of ’79, Snowmageddon. But Jonas? That’s no name for a storm that threatens to bury the city in frozen water and spark a years-long shortage of bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper.

What should we name this storm, then? Capital Weather Gang took a stab at it yesterday and came up relatively empty (though I did suggest Gorf, which I personally think is a fantastic name). Likewise, NBC Washington is also on the hunt for a moniker.

We here at Borderstan think our readers have a special … let’s say, creativity, that many online commenters lack. So, let’s hear from you. What should we name the snowstorm? We’ve launched a poll with a few pre-selected answers (GORF CREW 2016), but it’s open for discussion in the comments. Vote for your favorite below, or tweet/email us your suggestions.


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