Dozens of Dump Trucks Disrupt, Dumbfound Dupont Drivers

by Tim Regan January 26, 2016 at 3:45 pm 2 Comments

Dupont dump trucks

A fleet of dump trucks enlisted to haul away snow astounded and annoyed some people driving near Dupont Circle earlier today.

The haulers, hired by the District to transport slush and snow out of city streets, caused some traffic backups as they lined up on 18th and 19th streets NW, Connecticut Avenue NW and the road surrounding Dupont Circle.

Naturally, some locals took to Twitter to talk about the traffic. Here’s a snippet of what they said throughout the day:

D.C.’s Department of Public Works did not say how long the trucks would stick around when contacted earlier today, but one dump truck driver told us the job could take one or more days to complete.


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