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Protest Planned for ‘Masculine’ Anti-Feminist Meetup in Dupont

by Tim Regan February 3, 2016 at 3:55 pm 8 Comments

Action against Roosh V

(UPDATE: This meetup has purportedly been cancelled. Read more about it here.)

Watch out, anti-feminists. The anti-anti-feminists are coming.

A counter protest is in the works for a planned “masculine” man meetup set to take place in or around Dupont Circle this Saturday.

Daryush Valizadeh, who also goes by the name Roosh V and runs the notorious “masculinity” blog Return of Kings, has called for a meeting outside the Starbucks at 1501 Connecticut Ave. NW Saturday from 8 to 8:20 p.m. as part of what he’s calling an “International Tribal Meetup Day.”

During the D.C. meetup — which Roosh himself is rumored to be attending — men who stop and ask, “Do you know where I can find a pet shop?” and hear, “Yes, it’s right here,” from another man will receive directions to the site of a meeting for Return of Kings readers.

But people like Matt Kirkland, one of the counter protest’s organizers, hope to thwart the event they’re calling a “pro rape rally.” Kirkland’s plan is for about two or three dozen people to show up in front of the Starbucks on Saturday chanting slogans, holding signs and waving banners.

“It’s important to … call these people out for who they are,” Kirkland said. “It is a public health hazard for them to be out.”

And if there’s anyone who knows how to put a buzzy counter protest together, it’s Kirkland. In December, he helped organize the protest that famously stopped a well-known actor from allegedly trying to burn the Quran in front of the White House.

But what if none of the anti-feminists show? After all, Roosh’s events have sparked similar concerns across the globe and in turn has prompted some organizers to move their meetups to private locations.

“In a lot of the events, once they’ve found out about counter demonstrations, they’ve made it private,” Kirkland said. “They are now trying to hide some of it.”

Still Kirkland expects the Dupont Circle meetup to move forward in the public eye.

“Roosh himself has said he’s coming to D.C. … this is their coming out party supposedly,” Kirkland said. “Because it’s D.C., this would be a huge embarrassment if they had to hide from us.”

And even if the masculine meetup turns out to be a no-show, that’s still a reason to celebrate, Kirkland said.

“It would be kind of ironic,” he said, “if the coming out was their climbing back into the hole or their mom’s basements.”

Photo via Facebook / Counter Protest of Roosh V’s “Make Rape Legal” Rally [Smash Return of the Kings] Washington, DC

  • Gmac


  • Cullen Rutledge

    Good to know modern culture is still not accepting of all walks of life. These people should be able to meetup no different than any other group. Either there is freedom of expression or their isn’t.

    • Helena_Handbasket

      Waaaah, how dare people protest their freedom to protest women’s freedom?

    • Mel

      And Kirkland’s protests as well. He should be able to express his disagreement with this tribal meetup. You can’t support one group’s freedom of speech and deny another. They both have the right to do this, but I think this just shows what beliefs are prevailing or becoming more prominent in society.

      • Cullen Rutledge

        The reason it was cancelled was because of the concern for violence by the protesters. When has that happened at Feminist rallies? Saudi Arabia maybe.

  • kirfy

    Examples please?

  • Dave

    But if the feminists wanted to host their own ridiculous rally where they stomp their feet and cry out for attention that would be OK? Feminist like to play the victim and throw down their “equal rights card” if someone doesn’t thank them for breathing. The only question I have here is “Why D.C.?” So all you bleeding heart liberals can plot against this type of event? Why don’t you sit down and shut up for once. Maybe if you so called “strong women” kept your mouths shut some men might actually respect you. Until then….you are and always will be just a set of holes with a pair of tits for every man to look at.

    • Mary

      Ha! Be a strong man and keep your whiny mouth shut. Maybe some women might like you, because they don’t know what kind of derpiness lurks in your brain.


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