Plan to Close DC General Includes New Transitional Housing in Wards 1 and 2

by Tim Regan February 9, 2016 at 9:50 am 3 Comments

Mayor Bowser at presser Feb 9New transitional housing units are coming to Ward 1 and 2 as part of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s plan to close the DC General center by 2018.

The center will be replaced by short-term family housing facilities across all eight wards, Bowser said in a press conference before the D.C. Council earlier this morning.

Operating DC General — a center that Bowser’s office calls, “too big, too old and geographically removed from the services that individuals experiencing homelessness need,” — costs $17 million per year, said Laura Zeilinger, who heads up the D.C. Department of Human Services.

In Ward 1, a new facility near the U Street corridor (2105-2107 10th St. NW) will house approximately 30 families and will include playground and recreation space, a computer lab for residents, a common dining area and ongoing support services and programming for families. The shelter is estimated to be fully constructed by 2018.

In Ward 2, a new shelter for women will be constructed at 810 Fifth St. NW. The facility will house up to 213 women at a time, according to the mayor’s office, and will also include transitional housing suites for up to 13 women, dining rooms on each floor, a clinic and onngoing support services and programming. The women’s shelter will officially open tomorrow.

The other new housing facilities will be constructed in the following locations:

  • 2619 Wisconsin Ave. NW (Ward 3)
  • 5505 Fifth St. NW (Ward 4)
  • 2266 25th Place NE (Ward 5)
  • 700 Delaware Ave. SW (Ward 6)
  • 5004 D St. SE (Ward 7)
  • 6th Street and Chesapeake streets SE (Ward 8)

Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau praised Mayor Bowser’s plan in a statement released this morning.

“Anyone who’s been to D.C. General knows it’s a terrible place for families experiencing homelessness, which is why I voted in support of the plan to shut it down,” Nadeau said in the statement. “The new building in Ward 1 will be a safe and secure place where parents and children can live in dignified conditions while they work to find permanent housing. This housing is a critical piece of the plan to end homelessness in the District and shut down D.C. General once and for all.”

The mayor’s office will hold a series of meetings about the new shelters across all eight wards later this week.

  • actionlady

    I think the Mayor should push to have a shelter (or two) in other wards in the city. Ward 5 is inundated with shelters. Therefore, I don’t think there should be another one open in Ward 5

  • U Neighbor

    If anybody has concerns about this administration’s ability to execute each one of these shelters properly, or has criticisms they would like to have heard, a group is organizing. Email [email protected] to get involved. Thank you.

  • le poo

    agreed. why ot build one near the national cathedral. by “near” i mean SOMEWHERE close. ward five is inundated with this sort of thing. one of the reasons is that the community is not really very… aware… of these sorts of developments. they’re busy putting food on the table (in one way or another), or are in their twilight years with plans to move “back home”. they are also a churchly lot, and it’s a sin to deny those in need… so, basically they’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. exactly the kinds of people the ciy should help out. exactly the kinds of people that get taken advantage of.


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