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Restaurant to Open in Former Meskerem Space in Adams Morgan Next Week

by Andrew Ramonas February 26, 2016 at 10:30 am 8 Comments

(Corrected on March 3 at 7 p.m.) This article has been corrected to reflect that Sarah Kim is not the owner of 2020 Restaurant & Lounge, and the restaurant won’t be a space-themed nightclub as originally reported. Kim was a secretary for KCC Entertainment, which owns the restaurant. She is no longer with the company, according to a KCC Entertainment representative.

The year 2020 — in the form of a restaurant and lounge — is scheduled to arrive in Adams Morgan next week.

The restaurant, called 2020, is slated to open in the former Meskerem space at 2434 18th St. NW next Friday.

The restaurant will have room for dancing, drinking and eating across three floors. It also will boast VIP rooms.

Photo via Facebook/2020 Restaurant and Lounge

  • Evelyn Chong

    Please correct this article. The owner is not sarah kim ! Thank you.

    • That is the name the owner gave me on the phone. If it is a different name, please tell me what it is. Thank you.

      • Cecil

        FYI, some who wrote earlier blog probably thought her las name is Kim. Sarah Kim’s correct name is Sarah Baek a/k/a Sena Baek. It’s correct that She claimed that she is the owner of club 2020 bar and lounge or 2020 Restaurant and Lounge She even posted that she her boss gave her a small percentage of ownership to club 2020 bar and lounge. You will find how she (Sarah Baek) brag about the fact that she is the owner in her Instagram, Facebook, tweeter etc… She works for KCC construction who is also the owner of KCC Entertainment, DBA club 2020 bar and lounge, Sarah Baek was the main person and ran the business for KCC construction and KCC Entertainment. This Sarah (Kim), her legal name is Sena Baek, a/k/a Sarah Baek was only the telling the truth about the theme, where the owner came up with name club 2020 bar and lounge. Guess as they were applying for transfer of alcohol and beverage license from previous restaurant owner, the club 2020 bar and lounge was an issue because it’s a night club concept not focused as a restaurant. During the hearing of alcohol transfer license, Sena Baek a/k/a lie and said the person who said she was the owner is a person name Sarah Kim. But here why what she said can be a legal issue, she clearly stated that this Sarah Kim is someone who studied at Parsons School of Design, and worked as a secretary.
        This sweet young girl’s name is Sarah but her last name is NOT KIM. When Sena Baek realized what she post in her blog could cause transferring the alcohol license, and she lied under oath!! However, there was a very sweet young girl who worked as an assistant to Sarah Baek, but only for a month in September. Sarah Kim a/k/a Sarah Baek, legal name Sena Baek had her phone interview with Boardstan sometime after September 2015. Sometime after January 14th, 2016 Sarah Kim a/k/a Sarah Baek legal name Sena Baek left the company KCC construction and KCC Entertainment who is the owner of 2020 bar and lounge, or 2020 Restaurant and Lounge, located on 2434 18th street NW.
        It is very important to disclose the truth since this someone’s dishonest information can ruin someone’s reputation and credibility. Sarah Kim a/k/a Sarah Baek legal name Sena Baek frame an innocent young girl just to save her ass but end up getting fired anyway, for what ever the reason is….

        • Cecil

          By the way, they changed the name from 2020 bar and lounge to 2020 restaurant and lounge very recently. Also, the owner’s concept of 2020 name came from something to do with NASA’s announcement in the year 2020. Sarah Kim a/k/a Sarah Baek legal name Sena Baek’s interview was correct, but this turned into bitter relationship with the owner of 2020 restaurant and lounge after working for him for many years.

      • Cecil

        I appologies for misspell of name, It’s “SENA PAEK” not SENA BAEK” a/k/a (Sarah Kim and But goes by Sarah Paek) which her name is on the alcohol license for 2020 Restaurant and Lounge. So technically, doesn’t this make her the owner or an important person with 2020 Restaurant and Lounge? So maybe she was never let go and is still working at 2020 Restaurant and Lounge and KCC Construction or KCC Entertainment by using her real legal name, Sena Paek. Please make note of it.

  • Evelyn Chong

    @Andrew Ramonos, Thank you for the reply. If you ever stop in, please ask for me. Perhaps we can chat…..have a wonderful day.

  • Cecil

    A person whom had a phone interview with Sarah Paek probably assumed her last name was Kim (which is a Korean common last name). But her legal name is Sena Paek and she is the one who did the phone interview with a rep from Boardstan and among many others as well. She tells everyone that she is the owner. Everyone in Adams Morgan knows that…. Sarah Paek is or was the mouth piece for the owner of KCC Entertainment and KCC Engineering (Construction) because the owner of the company does not speak well enough English. Probably Sarah Paek and Sarah Kim a/k/a Sena Paek (her legal name) got carried away and probably had no ideal by telling everyone she is the owner or has small percentage of ownership would get her in trouble. Anyway, why would this matter for saying that she is the owner? Why wouldn’t the real owner of KCC Entertainment come forward himself instead of embarrassing his company name.

  • Brian

    Sarah Saena Paek is what she goes by in her Facebook and Instagram. But on alcohol license it states that she is the owner of 2020 Bar and Lounge and her name is spelled as Sena Paek. Yep, Sarah Kim, Sarah Saena Paek, Sena Paek is the same person.
    Now she changed the business name to 2020 Restaurant and Lounge from Club 2020 Bar and Lounge.


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