‘Dump Trump’ Activists to Rally Near Thomas Circle Tomorrow

by Tim Regan March 11, 2016 at 11:20 am 3 Comments

Dump Trump rally Erick SanchezPolitical activists will gather near Thomas Circle tomorrow in an effort to convince D.C.’s GOP voters to “dump Trump.”

The rally is scheduled to occur at 9 a.m. across the street from the Lowes Madison Hotel (1177 15th St NW). Registered D.C. Republicans will meet at that hotel tomorrow at 10 am. to cast their vote for the party’s presidential nominee.

Erick Sanchez (pictured above), who last summer launched a petition to convince chef José Andrés not to open a new restaurant in Donald Trump’s forthcoming D.C. hotel, is the one organizing tomorrow’s rally.

Sanchez, who politically identifies as a progressive, hopes members of both parties will join him in opposing Trump’s “cheap salesman tactics.”

“This is acknowledging that his actions and his remarks are disgusting that that we won’t put up with it anymore,” Sanchez said. “I’m hoping to reach the voters that walk into that convention who might consider Trump an inevitability.”

Though Sanchez isn’t sure how many people will show up, he expects at least two dozen people to join him during the rally.

“I’m hoping tomorrow that we have a really diverse group of all backgrounds,” Sanchez said. “Both parties standing up and rejecting the disgusting campaign Donald Trump is running.”

Photo courtesy of Erick Sanchez


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