GBD, Closing Tomorrow, Says GTG to Dupont Circle

by Tim Regan March 15, 2016 at 1:05 pm 1 Comment

Dupont Circle’s purveyor of donuts and chicken will soon be no more. GBD announced earlier today it would soon stop slinging fried food at 1323 Connecticut Ave. NW.

“Tomorrow will be our last day serving up fried chicken and doughnuts here at GBD,” reads the eatery’s tweeted announcement. “It’s been an awesome three years and we had a blast with all of you.”

According to the announcement, a new Neighborhood Restaurant Group eatery with “an all new menu of crave-worthy eats to go alongside the fantastic beer program Greg Engert has put together” will “soon” take its place.

In addition to owning the soon-to-be-departed GBD, Neighborhood Restaurant Group also owns Churchkey (1337 14th St. NW)  Bluejacket (300 Tingey St. SE) and the forthcoming Hazel (808 V St. NW), among other restaurants and bars across the District.

Though the restaurant group didn’t say what might come next, the announcement says that “the bites are changing, but the bar is staying.”


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