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Logan Circle ANC Votes to Nix 14th Street NW Bus Shelter

by Tim Regan April 7, 2016 at 3:45 pm 14 Comments

Bus stop on the 1300 block of 14th Street NW

(Updated at 9:40 a.m. Friday) Community leaders in Logan Circle are urging the city to remove a shelter that covers a Metro bus stop on 14th Street NW.

The commissioners of ANC 2F voted last night to ask DDOT and WMATA to remove the shelter over the stop at 1336 14th St. NW, which is in front of the forthcoming Jinya Ramen Bar.

A group of community members and a representative from Jinya first came before the ANC’s Community Development Committee to request the removal of the covered bus shelter, according to commissioner Kevin Deeley.

“The shelter has attracted homeless residents and litter so there’s a renewed effort, with a new business coming in, to take the whole thing away,” Deeley said of the residents’ position.

The ANC in 2010 voted to remove the bus stop, a request that ultimately fizzled before the city, Deeley said. (As a side note, it’s not unheard of for WMATA to entirely remove a bus stop along a line. For example, the city will remove a stop near Howard University next Monday.)

Commissioner Pepin Tuma, who walks near the stop “every day,” said he was in favor of removing both the shelter and the stop.

“I’m very supportive of removing both the bus stop and the shelter for reasons that you addressed . . . the trash that goes there,” he said. “Also, the fact that it really does cut down on the use and enjoyment that residents and business could use for sidewalk cafes, things like that.”

Tuma added that he spent last Saturday “sitting outside of the 7-Eleven at the corner of Rhode Island and 14th [NW] watching how this bus stop worked.”

“There was exactly two people who got on in an hour and a half,” he said. “Both the [stops at the] block on the south and north had a large number of people.”

Tuma said he’d also favor a “one-two punch” of voting to remove first the shelter, then the entire stop.

“It would remove the blight that exists at that shelter,” Tuma said. “It would also open up that section of 14th Street south of Rhode Island Avenue which is . . . so confined right now. You’re blocking off two restaurant sidewalks.”

But not every member of the ANC was supportive of the idea. Newly appointed commissioner Maurice Dorsey said he talked with more than two dozen residents, all in opposition to removing the stop and the shelter.

“We have one neighbor who has chronic pain who said she looks forward to stopping there just to sit,” Dorsey said.

And ANC member Jim Lamare said he was apprehensive to vote on a resolution that would “target the homeless.”

“But the blight I understand,” Lamare added. “You might as well get rid of the 7-Eleven,” he said, seemingly in reference to the litter frequently found at the stop.

Ultimately, the commission voted 6-1-1 in favor of urging DDOT and WMATA to remove the sheltered portion of the bus stop. The matter now travels to the city agencies for consideration.

  • ben_thayer_don_that

    What a crock. It’s about these elitists wanting the riff-raff gone from their playgrounds. Such arrogance, makes me sick. I can understand why some folks are so opposed to gentrification. #PowerToThePeople

    • Erick

      Bernie is that you?

    • fl2dc

      This is #PowerToThePeople? As a 2F resident, I elected one them and the rest of them were elected too.

  • Vail Kohnert-Yount

    As a constituent of ANC 2F, I am horrified, embarrassed, and yet unsurprised that our ANC would vote to remove a bus stop and shelter because it is being used by people experiencing homelessness. Thank you to Commissioner Dorsey for standing up for the right thing—we should treat people experiencing homelessness as valued members of our community and not a “blight” to be removed.

  • Mark M

    There is a pretty high concentration of apartment / condo buildings close by. I am surprised that only a couple people used that bus stop. What day of the week and time of day? Maybe this needs to be studied further.

  • NB

    this is a southbound stop(14th & rhode island). yea, nobody really
    waits here. It’s mostly a drop off spot. The 14th and P st one gets a
    lot more use because of the intersection & circulator stop. Any avid public transit bus commuter would know to gravitate towards a spot with more options to get you towards your destination in case of a delay so you can reroute.
    Never understood why this stop needed a shelter… because the closer to downtown, the less people are actually waiting to go to the final stops for these bus lines(l’enfant 52/54…53 ends even closer). popular drop offs are within a block and this is certainly not a popular one as a pickup. There are so many
    other stops that could use one… or a bigger shelter for that matter.
    Speaking mostly as a 20yr metro bus rider perspective… it really is a useless bus stop shelter. be there homeless or not.

  • Spike73

    Is this really about the bus stop or is this an indirect fluff piece used to get sympathy for the corrupt shelter plan coming before the council by stereotyping some residents. In a city of this density there will be individuals who lobby for this and against that before the ANC’s at each meeting, as a bus rider and person in support of a vibrant democracy this piece gets a yawn.

  • asafr

    The real question is not about homeless people or litter. It’s why do we have this stop at all? It’s at most a two minute walk from the stop north of P and at most two minutes from the one south of N.

    • MS

      That’s a convenient excuse so you don’t have to admit that you’re really just upset about the homeless people using it.

  • 14th Street Resident

    Finally some good news – Couldn’t agree more with the ANC. Thank you Commissioner Tuma for helping to make our community a better place!

    • MS

      How is removing bus shelters making your community “a better place”? You obviously don’t ride buses, so you may not understand this, but those are a benefit to the community. Ever had to wait for a bus in the rain? Guess not. You sound like an asshole.

      • fl2dc

        I ride the 50s bus on a regular basis and this stop is useless. It makes more sense to remove it completely and let riders utilize the P st and N st stops. They are within one block of each other. It would speed up service and help improve flow in a tight intersection.

        Their supposed reasoning and the fact they let that be put on record is quite sad. I hope they learn from this to not get rid of something to mask the problem, but address the problem itself by working with DC social services to address why these people are homeless.

  • MS

    Wow, that’s a new level of arrogant classism. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, that’s what happens when spoiled rich people move in. Instead of removing bus shelters, maybe you should do something to help the homeless so they don’t need to take refuge at the shelter! I oppose this kind of NIMBY-inspired classism. Logan Circle residents should be ashamed of themselves for supporting ANC leaders who do stuff like this.

  • David Lightman

    This is about future outdoor seating possibilities at Jinya, the ramen place going in at the old Ghana Cafe. I bet B Too is all for this as well. It would be great to solve the homeless problem to make the point moot, but… cmon. Yes, the neighborhood is changing. No, no one wants to be interrupted by unwelcome begging at dinner. Also, removing the shelter is not WMATA’s responsibility, it’s d-dot’s.


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