How to Dress for Your Illegal ATV or Dirt Bike Ride in 17 Photos

by April 8, 2016 at 10:30 am 0

D.C. Police are cracking down on the illegal dirt bike and ATV drivers that have been spotted tearing down 14th Street, U Street and Shaw, in addition to countless other parts of the city.

In a press conference held yesterday, Chief Cathy Lanier vowed to “pursue relentlessly these illegal ATVs and dirt bikes and move forward with their destruction.” Not by actual police pursuit, Lanier clarified, but by identification.

As part of its new operation to find and charge the drivers, the department yesterday released 245 photos of them in various states of fist pump and wheelie. We took a look through every single photo and noticed that flashy clothing, Macho Man goggles, biker helmets and skull masks seemed particularly popular.

Just for fun, we decided to share our favorite riders and some of our homespun names for them. Enjoy.

Recognize any of them? MPD is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the operators of these vehicles as well as any locations where the vehicles are being stored. A reward of $250 is being offered for information on each person identified.

To share a tip, contact the Command Information Center at (202) 727-9099 with your information. The tip must lead to a successful confiscation and identification of the driver/operator of the vehicle.

Photos via MPD


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