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Man Armed With Metal Knuckles, Ashtray Brawls in Shaw Cigar Lounge

by Andrew Ramonas April 11, 2016 at 12:20 pm 10 Comments

TG Cigar Lounge (Photo via Google Maps)A man hit two people, threw an ashtray at one of them, threatened that individual with a pair of metal knuckles and retrieved a picture of himself over the course of three visits to a Shaw cigar bar last week, police said.

The attacker made his trips to TG Cigar Lounge at 1118 9th St. NW between 9 and 11 p.m. Thursday, according to a police report Borderstan obtained today.

The man was arguing with someone in the bar when he was told to leave, according to authorities. The argument then escalated, becoming physically violent.

Customers tried to break up the fight, and someone attempted to remove the man from the lounge. But the man hit that individual and hurled a metal ashtray at the person he was arguing with at the beginning.

He departed soon after. But he wasn’t done with TG’s yet.

The man returned with a pair of metal knuckles, telling the target of his argument that he wanted to “go outside” with the individual and would “kill” that person, according to authorities.

The individual declined the invitation, infuriating the man. He then used his hand without the metal knuckles to punch the person, causing the individual to knock into a display case.

The man left again soon after. But he wasn’t gone for long.

He came back one last time to remove a picture of himself before disappearing for good.

Police haven’t released a description of the suspect.

Photo via Google Maps

  • Amy

    Well he sounds nice!

  • The Aristocrats!

  • hhernandez1230

    I think this is being blown out of proportion. I frequent this place for a good smoke, coffee and an occasional drink. Everyone there is great. Staff is great. This sounds like more of a misunderstanding. I have always been welcomed here. This place is awesome.

  • Nay Berhe

    I am a bartender at TG’s and as someone who was present during the initial altercation, I would just like to point out a few things. A) no customers were involved in the altercation or were harmed by the individual B) there was no “brawl” that occured so I would suggest using better word choice in your future articles considering the only aggressor was the individual himself. The manager and other present staff conducted themselves appropriatley without violence and managed to escort the individual out of the establishment. The individual himself become initially irate the day previous due to his own mistake of drinking a beer and leaving without paying and when he was questioned about it is what sparked the match that led to his actions in the days to follow. Incidents where individuals get belligerent such as these are not rare in establishments that provide a service whether it be a local bar, club or restaurant. It comes with the territory but we are doing everything in our power to ensure that no similar incident reoccurs involving him or any other individual. We have been in the area for 11 years and have never witnessed or had any occurances of this type in all the years we have been present in the community. This individual has only been a customer of ours for 4 months so it is safe to say we dont breed the type of buisness that attracts this kind of person. We hope this incident does not reflect poorly on us in your eyes and does not deter you from paying us a visit. We hope to see you soon!

  • Joe Williams

    This was an isolated incident that involved an individual that was a well received customer before showing his true colors. As a businessman in the Shaw community for the last 10 years, I have not experienced any incidents at TG’S. This is a safe customer first and safe environment. The establishment is filled with respectful individuals who did not tolerate this behavior and intervened. This is a well attended and respected business in the Shaw community.

  • John Coleman

    I’m a loyal customer at TG Cigar Lounge. i never seen any acts of violence or people getting out of character. Everyone who comes in TG is respecful and they show great character. I love the environment and i will continue to show love there .

  • JB

    After reviewing an article “Man Armed With Metal Knuckles, ashtray Brawls in shaw Cigar Lounge” I thought the content of the subject matter had at the very least been typically exaggerated to a huge extent. Which the media normally do.

    Sought of like what the media wants the to believe about Donald Trump. I have trusted my eyes for more then sixty years. I have seen 16 or more candidates elected and hold the Office of President of the United States of America.

    To say Donald Trump is different from the other great candidates is a little bit like the above mention article. Not only is he different ! He is misinformed about the strategies necessary to keep this great Country of track to recover from econom

    I have been a customer of TG Cigar for 12 years. I watch it grow from a small one room establishment to a thriving business that I am proud to be a part of. I have met and become friends, business partners and associates of the men and women that frequent the place. Such relationships has offered me support in so many areas, they include social, psychological and economically.

    The Article gave the impress that the situation and customers are threatening and abusive. Which much like Donald Trump, untruthful. this is the first incident I have ever witness or heard of at TG Cigar. The Staff were very professional in handling the situation. They deserve a pat on the back as oppose to ridicule of their work place. The Article was unfair and failed to report the truth.

    In an effort of the writer to grab attention and increase readership, he/she chose to sensationalize which resulted in lying about the facts…. half the truth is a whole lie. Such behavior negatively impacts customer attendance and growth.

    I challenge the author of the article to visit TG Cigars. If he/she do not have a great time, I will buy drinks for every body in the place.

    • Will

      So, I have been a patron of TG cigar lounge (formerly just a cigar shop) for four years. I have never seen anything like what took place on the alleged evening. I am a “regular customer” that comes for drinks, good stogies, and sometimes to finish writing reports or papers. I recall the alleged gentleman talking about baseball and soccer and all of a sudden, he snapped. I did not hear the conversation but whatever it was infuriating the guy. Everyone in the bar is mild mannered, so to see the “gentleman” react so violently was stunning. He proceeded to come back twice more striking an employee and taking a picture off the wall (after the police came). For those that do not know, this is a “CIGAR BAR.” It is a place where you smoke Liga Privada 52 (private blend) and drink Highland Park 18. The owner welcomes all with the premonition that when you come into the establishment, you behave with panache. This was an outlier, and I do not foresee this happening again. Let’s be clear: This is the best “cigar bar” in the city and maybe the DMV area, and we are lucky to have it. All should act accordingly.


  • Mark E. Jackson

    This article is very misleading. My name is Mark E. Jackson. I am a frequent customer of TG’S Cigar Lounge and was there immediately following the event in question. A review of the video footage would confirm that there was no brawl and in fact, there wasn’t even a fight. There was a customer that the establishment refused to serve and he became unruly and attacked one of the employees. TG’S Cigar Lounge is an upscale establishment that is often visited by local and national political figures, business men and that has served the Shaw community for more than 8 years.

    Where have the days gone when there was actually “TRUTH” in reporting.


  • Ka-ton

    As a long standing customer of TG Cigar’s fine establishment, I know that this incident was minor and isolated. Washington DC is a major city, which comes with random conflicts like any other metropolitan. The neighborhood is currently lined with several bars which garner a plethora of traffic. However, TG Cigar has always maintained and promotes a high level of professional etiquette. The neighborhood as well as the city will positively progress with this gem as pilar of great business.

    From the newcomers visiting from a convention next door, the businessmen that frequent the lounge area, to the regulars that just need a place to relax in a calm environment, TG Cigar is a sanctuary of invaluable purpose.


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