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Locals Launch Petition to ‘Save Our Plaza in Adams Morgan’

by Andrew Ramonas May 2, 2016 at 12:45 pm 17 Comments

SunTrust Plaza (Photo via Facebook/Adams Morgan for Reasonable Development)The battle over the future of a large plaza in the heart of Adams Morgan has spawned a request to stop what some locals are calling a “Bethesda-like apartment complex.”

The “Save Our Plaza in Adams Morgan” petition, which went online Saturday, calls for the SunTrust plaza at 1800 Columbia Road NW to be “improved, yet remain a central community gathering space and plaza serving the residents of Adams Morgan.” But developer PN Hoffman’s plan to create a smaller plaza with benches, chairs and cafe space doesn’t cut it, according to some residents.

“We are opposed to the current PN Hoffman plan to build a 80+ foot tall Bethesda-like apartment complex that would subsume the public plaza we use and enjoy now,” the petition says. “We support city intervention that will protect our plaza from encroachment by any proposed project at this central site in our neighborhood.”

A group called, “Adams Morgan for Reasonable Development,” launched the petition a day after PN Hoffman chief executive officer Monty Hoffman defended his company’s plan for the privately owned plaza and the rest of the SunTrust property.

Last month, an Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C committee backed a recommendation to formally notify D.C. officials of its resistance to PN Hoffman’s latest proposal to construct a mixed-use building that would take up much of the SunTrust space. The full ANC is expected to vote on the panel’s recommendation Wednesday.

As of 12:45 p.m., the petition has received 16 signatures.

Photo via Facebook/Adams Morgan for Reasonable Development

  • Doug Johnson

    “subsume the public plaza we use and enjoy now?” Um, it is NOT public property. Get over it! he neighborhood is not against the plaza going away, only a few are, the few just have a lot of free time.

    • D_Rez

      Right. It’s not a public plaza. That the private property owners have allowed it to be used as such is nice of them, but not anything they had to do or need to continue to do.

  • “a 80+ foot tall Bethesda-like apartment complex”? A quick look at the aerials shows almost a dozen apartment buildings of similar height within *one block* of the site in question.

  • A

    So how does this move forward? I think the plaza is a waste. Do i need to go to the ANC meeting on Wednesday to voice these opinions? It seems like the ANC already made up their mind. This petition with 30 signatories shouldnt sway opinion though….I’m sure i could get together a petition pretty quickly in favor of….

    • nevermindtheend

      I would sign that petition.

    • Keyedinn

      Please do. I will sign. I plan to go to the ANC meeting Wednesday. I think we need to show up. I emailed my rep (Hector Huezo) to ask what specifically the ANC wants to get out of this objection and he has not responded to me

    • Lanier

      The letter from PN Hoffman (a couple of days ago on this site) suggests that they may be collecting names/contact info for this purpose. I gave them my name.

    • A

      I’m going to look for that. I must have missed it. If you can, can you post the link here? Sorry about that!

  • Lanier

    I swear these people have nothing better to do with their time than try to keep the young’uns out of their neighborhood. Everything seems to be decided by whoever has the time to show up to endless ANC meetings. I care so much about my neighborhood, and I want lots of people to be able to live there and support local businesses, but it just seems like the local ANC process is some kind of endurance contest in complaining.

  • Robert Turner II

    Please, PLEASE attend this week’s ANC meeting if you support redevelopment of this site. This Wednesday, 7pm at Mary’s Center, 2355 Ontario Road NW.

    • A

      I’m planning on it. is there anything we should prepare? i’ve never been to an ANC meeting before…

      • H

        Yes… practice taking deep breaths. You will not believe some of the comments you will hear. I attended the last meeting (my first ANC meeting) and I had to leave early because I was so appalled. I plan to attend again and stick it out this time so I can show my support.

  • Nathan

    What do the complainers want? They want more say-so in every development, either to change it or to get something back (community benefit) in return for allowing any change.

  • Doug Johnson

    There was a great showing of support for PN Hoffman last night at the ANC meeting.


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