Water to Flow in Dupont Circle, Meridian Hill Park Fountains Soon

by Tim Regan May 4, 2016 at 3:55 pm 0


As hot summer weather approaches, many locals wonder: when will the fountains be turned on?

Now we have an answer, at least for two of the more notable fountains in our neck of the woods. Dupont Circle park’s fountain could come to life as early as next week, while Meridian Hill Park’s waterworks may take a little while longer, according to officials with the National Park Service.

Water will again flow from the fountain in Dupont Circle park next week, barring any major problems, said NPS public affairs specialist Mike Litterst.

“The fountains will come on next week, knock on wood,” Litterst said. “As long as there are no issues with the de-winterization process.”

But Meridian Hill Park’s multi-tiered waterways are a different story, said Peter Butkus, who works in the NPS office in Rock Creek Park. Butkus said it will likely take workers two weeks to a month to repair a broken pump motor in Meridian Hill Park’s sloped basin.

“It’s a special pump motor built for that park,” Butkus explained. “The motor is at a repair facility at the moment.”


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