Opinion: Garrison Will Continue to Thrive With Coming Facility Investments

by Borderstan Contributor May 17, 2016 at 10:20 am 4 Comments


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by Nathaniel Beers, Chief Operating Officer at D.C. Public Schools

Thank you to Elizabeth Nicoletti for the recent letter about the modernization of Garrison Elementary School.

Ms. Nicoletti shares what so many families love about Garrison: great teaching, great curriculum and a diverse student body, among other facets of the school. Mayor Bowser agrees that Garrison is in need of modernization, and we look forward to making critical enhancements over the next two summers.

With an investment of nearly $28 million for building modernizations and improvements to the fields and playgrounds, we are confident that Garrison will serve all families that attend the school. This summer, we expect to improve the school entrance, walkways and guardrails, as well as stabilize the field, among other improvements. When students come back to school for School Year 2017-2018, they will be greeted with modernized classrooms, a new entrance and welcome area, a modernized library and media center, new elevators, playgrounds, fields, and more.

Our mission is to open our doors to every student from every corner of the city. Mayor Bowser heard loud and clear that families were tired of the politics that outlined the order of modernizing our schools. Providing equity to that process is another way we will serve all our kids with beautiful buildings where children can thrive.

Garrison Elementary School surely deserves to be modernized, and this summer we will begin to make the critical changes that will build on the wonderful things already happening at Garrison.

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  • C. Spector, Garrison Parent

    Thank you, Nathaniel and DCPS for your clearly outlining Garrison’s
    modernization timeline and deliverables. Great things are indeed
    happening at Garrison, and we are thrilled to be partnering with the
    teachers, families, community members, and DCPS to continue to build an
    engaging environment-physical, social, and academic-where our
    kids can thrive.

  • Elizabeth Nicoletti

    I echo Caralyn’s thanks to Mr. Beers and the school system for highlighting what a special place Garrison is. I hope this renovation coupled with our increasingly engaged community allow students, teachers, administrators and families to live up to full their potential. We have an ambitious agenda, and I look forward to working with stakeholders to make it a reality. When our schools thrive, I believe everyone else does too – neighbors, local businesses and more.

  • Ayako Sato

    We are going into our third year at Garrison, and everything that has been said about the great teachers, curriculum, and diversity is spot on! We are excited to hear directly from you, Mr. Beers, that when my son walks through Garrison’s doors in SY 2017 at age 6 (he started at age 3), he’ll be walking into a modernized facility. We can’t wait until SY 2017-2018!

  • Evelyn Boyd Simmons

    Dr. Beers,

    As President of the Logan Circle Community Association, community school fan, I thank you on behalf of our booming, thriving community. There can be no great neighborhoods without great neighborhood schools. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with you and the school community to forge a deeper and broader partnership with you to make Garrison even better.

    Thanks, Borderstan, for continuing to cover the issues real people really care about!


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