Meet the Woman Who Went to Blaguard for 28 Days Straight

by Andrew Ramonas May 20, 2016 at 3:55 pm 0

To say Jordan Fox likes Adams Morgan bar Blaguard is probably an understatement.

The 28-year-old woman visited the watering hole at 2003 18th St. NW every day for 28 days in a row starting April 18, as a way to say goodbye to the District.

Fox, who moved to Adams Morgan in 2012, started what she called the “#30DayBlaguardChallenge,” which she intended to complete in person before she started a new job in California. Although Fox didn’t complete her goal, she sent a friend to the bar Monday and Tuesday — the last two days of the challenge — and made appearances via FaceTime then.

Luis Aliaga, a bartender at Blaguard, said he’s never heard of anyone coming to the bar every day for as long as Fox did. But he said Blaguard has a committed following among Adams Morgan residents.

“The community in this bar is a lot of neighbors,” he said.

Here’s what Fox had to say about the challenge:

Borderstan: I heard the challenge was done as a way to say goodbye to D.C., but can you explain more about why you decided to do (almost) 30 days? That’s a pretty long time to go to any place every day. And why Blaguard?

When I was offered a new job in California, I figured I’d at least have a month to finish work and move across country, so I decided on the 30 days. It turns out, I had to move so I could start work on day 29, so I had a friend finish for me!

The Blaguard is my place. I lived just around the corner and was a regular there before the challenge. I can remember the first time one of the bartenders, Rodolfo, remembered my beer order–I was so excited that I was officially a regular! Blaguard was like “Cheers” to me. I could go in there alone and not worry that I wouldn’t have someone to talk to. It’s a neighborhood bar in the truest sense of the term, and it was my favorite stop for a drink after work or to watch the Redskins, Caps and Nationals.

Did you come in at the same time every day? Did you try everything on the menu? Was there something in particular you really liked?

I typically tried to get there before happy hour — I needed to take advantage of the specials if I was going to be able to afford 30 days! I didn’t try everything on the menu, but the chicken tenders are out of this world good and by the end of my challenge all my friends were obsessed. The wings are great, and usually on special. I discovered the fried cheese curds one afternoon, and I’ll order those every time I go now. The manager is from Wisconsin (I think?), and the fried curds was his mother’s idea. And the tachos. I shared many a plate of tachos with friends.

Are there any particular memories from the challenge that stand out?

I celebrated a few occasions at the Blaguard during the challenge — a friend’s engagement, a friend’s new job, and a birthday. I met a close friend’s boyfriend for the first time, since he’d been deployed previously. I saw many, many, dance parties. I took selfies with the bartenders. I can remember walking to the Blaguard with a friend when I came up with the challenge. I don’t think he thought I’d come close to completing it.

And my going away party! We had it at the upstairs bar, and my friends brought glow sticks and all signed a Blaguard T-shirt for me. It was so great to see so many of the people in my life at the same place, my favorite place.

You weren’t able to do the last two days of the challenge yourself, right? Did you have friends fill in?

Yes, I sent a delegate to the Blaguard in my place. Kennon Jones, a good friend of mine and my fellow Blaguard partner in crime, took my place and called me on FaceTime after I got off of work on the west coast, so I could be a part of it. It was so nice to see a friendly face after my first and second day of work in a place where I don’t know anyone. I got to talk to the bartenders, and watch some local D.C. sports on TV. He had Lagunitas, one of my favorites, in my honor.

Any tips for anyone who wants to try the challenge?

I am usually an IPA drinker. I’m ashamed to say I had to switch to light beer after about 10 days. Sit at the bar, so you feel comfortable going alone. I only had to go alone a handful of times because my friends were supportive, but I always found someone to talk to! And be wary of the Jameson! The Blaguard Boys love their Jameson and it became a ritual towards the end, when I was closing my tab…

What will you miss most about Blaguard?

I’ll miss the people. It became like a meeting place for me and my friends. The bartenders knew me, the guys at the door always gave me a high five!

Do you think you’ll find a bar like it in California?

Definitely not. The Blaguard was the perfect bar — no frills, just fun. You could get a nice craft beer, or a PBR tall boy and nobody cared. The food was good. Sports were always on, but sometimes you could find the debates or the State of the Union.

Everything where I live now has frills. I’m counting the days until I can get back to the window seat on 18th Street at the Blaguard.


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