Logan Circle ANC Chair Chosen as Possible D.C. Democratic Delegate

by Tim Regan May 24, 2016 at 1:30 pm 2 Comments

John_Fanning_BorderstanA longstanding member of Logan Circle’s ANC has been chosen to help represent the District during the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

John Fanning, who serves as chair of ANC 2F, will likely head to the convention in July with a list of other delegates that includes D.C. Councilmembers Jack Evans and Brianne Nadeau, according to the preliminary election results from the May 21 D.C. Democratic Pre-Primary Qualifying Caucus.

“It’s an honor to have been selected by the voters in Wards 1, 2 ,6 and 8… and to represent them at the Democratic National Convention,” Fanning told us via email.

Fanning, along with Evans, Nadeau and other local figures, have pledged as delegates to cast a vote for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

But getting elected wasn’t easy. According to Metro Weekly, Fanning and 59 other delegate hopefuls faced an election where “the methods of selection are so oblique, the process so tangled, it’s no wonder the average voter is clueless.”

And being voted in as a delegate doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll head to the convention, according to the Metro Weekly article:

Once the caucus results are finalized, the delegates are then distributed based on the results of the June 14 primary. It is likely that both Clinton and Sanders will meet the 15 percent threshold for earning delegates, so the delegates will be split proportionally, starting with the top vote-getters from the May 21 caucus — based on both candidate preference and gender, and moving subsequently down the list. Anything beyond a first- or second-place finish on May 21 likely dooms a potential delegate’s chance of getting their ticket to Philadelphia.

Still, the Logan Circle community leader came in second place in his congressional district, more than likely securing him a spot at the convention.

“I’m looking forward to assisting the D.C. for Hillary Clinton Campaign and winning big,” Fanning said.

The full election results from Saturday’s vote are below:

Congressional District #1 Clinton

Male Positions:

  1. Jack Evans
  2. John Fanning
  3. Jos Williams

Female Positions:

  1. Brianne Nadeau
  2. Mary Cuthbert
  3. Sheila White
  4. Susana Baranano

Congressional District #2 Clinton

Male Positions:

  1. Charles Gaither
  2. James Bubar
  3. Lee Wilson

Female Positions:

  1. Shelley Tomkin
  2. Linda L. Gray
  3. Candace T. Nelson

Congressional District #1 Sanders

Male Positions:

  1. Jeff Cruz
  2. Chuck Rocha
  3. Kristian Smith

Female Positions:

  1. Rita Collins (only one ballot candidate, however several write-in candidates)

Congressional District #2 Sanders

Female Positions:

  1. Ann Hume Loikow (only 1 ballot candidate, however, there were
    several write-in candidates)

Male Positions:

  1. David Harlan Sheon; tied with Gerald P. Lorentz
  2. Stephen Frum, who has just two votes greater than Luis Alfonso Torres


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