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UPDATED: Anti-Gay Message Spray Painted on Dupont Circle Sidewalk

by Borderstan.com June 13, 2016 at 12:35 pm 19 Comments

(Updated at 3:17 p.m.) A sidewalk in Dupont Circle has been targeted by a vandal with an anti-gay bias.

Someone spray painted the words “down with the gay agenda” onto a sidewalk in front of Thaiphoon at 2011 S St. NW over the weekend. Restaurant manager Sapol Jirapanjavat said he first saw the message yesterday and contacted police just after noon today to report it.

“The Second Police District is aware of this incident, and members have been dispatched to that location,” said Karimah Bilal, a spokeswoman for D.C. Police.

Twitter user Stephen Solka first spotted the graffiti just after noon today. But the offensive message didn’t stay unedited for long.

Dupont resident Dito Sevilla said he spray painted over the hateful message this afternoon. As of 2 p.m. today, the message read “down with the gun agenda,” an edit Sevilla made after reading our article.

“You’re not going to come at us during Pride,” Sevilla told us this afternoon. “Our community cannot keep getting kicked, especially when we’re down.”

The graffiti comes just one day after a man shot and killed 50 people at gay club in Orlando. Despite the timing of the graffiti’s appearance, it was unclear whether the message was connected to that tragedy or to the recent Pride Parade or festivities.

“Down with the gun agenda” photo courtesy of Dito Sevilla

  • It’sNotEntirelyClear

    So many DC churches to pick from.

    • Sarah Sweetness Coles

      You’re NOT helping.

      • It’sNotEntirelyClear

        Prove me wrong. Anyone who has lived in DC more than a minute knows many, many DC churches are deep wells of inexhaustible homophobia.

        • Sarah Sweetness Coles

          I don’t need to prove a single thing to you. All you had to do was attend the parade and see all of the groups, including area churches, that support the LGBTQ community. If you didn’t see that then that’s your problem.
          So the Point is, You’re NOT Helping.

          • It’sNotEntirelyClear

            You’re clearly trying to wriggle out of what the rest of us have known all our lives. Many, many DC churches, like Calvary, or Shiloh or dozens of others, have been videotaped reveling in their deep homophobia and racism. The pastor of a (Barry endorser) church EOTR proudly said Asian-Americans should be grateful their heads weren’t being rolled down MLK.

            Are there good ones, like say Foundry? Yeah there are, but they’re not deeply connected into the power structure.

          • Jason Jehosephat

            You’re trying to wriggle out of the fact that “Many X are Y” is far from the same thing as “Only X are Y”. Making accusations when you have no idea who did it is destructive. Judging prematurely–that’s the root meaning of the word “prejudice”.

          • It’sNotEntirelyClear

            Actually I’m judging from a lifetime of experience. I know y’all like to deny LGBT that, but you’re not going to win me or any of us over.

          • Jason Jehosephat

            Really, your lifetime experience show that not one person in the entire world who isn’t a churchgoer is anti-gay? Fascinating. Have you ever been out of your house?

          • It’sNotEntirelyClear

            Wasn’t what I said and not going to argue with the likes of you. There are plenty of churches that are great, there are also an awful lot of hole in the wall churches and big ones like Shiloh that make the Taliban look like a nice bunch.

          • Jason Jehosephat

            Even here, you don’t seem to understand the point, which is that churches are not the ONLY source of homophobes, so all instances of homophobia can’t be blamed on churches or other religious institutions. You seem unable to conceive of this, which is why you’re having trouble understanding the response you are receiving.

          • It’sNotEntirelyClear

            The only person constantly litigating for the purity of DC churches is you and your buddy. The likes tell a different story. No run along to your prayer meeting.

          • Jason Jehosephat

            I haven’t said a single thing about the purity of DC churches. I’ve been talking about people who aren’t affiliated with churches. You really don’t read, do you?

          • It’sNotEntirelyClear

            Dude, go away. You clearly have an agenda that doesn’t square with this. Wonder if we can find some spray paint used recently at your place?

          • Jason Jehosephat

            I’m fascinated by people who invent the other side of the conversations they have with people online and imagine motivations for them, rather than reading an understanding what they’ve actually written. But I do wish *you’d* go away so that the rest of us can waste less time trying to communicate with those who have no interest in being communicated with.

          • It’sNotEntirelyClear

            In the words of so many: Delete Your Account

  • coobs

    They should have just added “I’m” or “We’re” to the start of that statement.

  • Glenn Prohovich

    Coobs dat was good one

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    I have a better one, how about down with the hate-filled, bigoted religious agenda.

  • Holley Rosenberger

    As a mother of a gay son I am sick and tired of people casting judgement and harvesting such hatred. First and foremost it is not a choice. This is plain and simple who each person is designed and made to be. Science backs this up. I don’t know what gives anyone the right to decide someone else’s sins are worse than their own. Do you know how much it pained me at first to have random people tell me my son was not going to heaven? I couldn’t even begin to tell you. I cried at first but now I laugh inside. The only One to make that call is God Almighty himself. A true Christian would know this. A true Christian would know not to judge. Divorce is a sin, so is premarital sex , so is hate! What would make this country great is to for once stop judging others because of who they are with, the color of their skin, what religion someone chooses. If you were to put two toddlers in a room together they would be friends. Hate is taught. Our society has done this . It does not make you less of a person to be a human being and have a soul to another who may be different than you. My church loves everyone and accepts everyone. That is how it should be. Don’t give up hope. Don’t give in to the hate. Look beyond that and realize everyone was created the same. We all eat, breath,sleep, have a family or someone to care for. I would give my last breath to know my son would never have to feel the pain from this world. We all need to pull together and I stand by each and every one of you. I know the pain you feel. When my son feels that pain . I feel it too. I am constantly standing up and I will until the day I die. I hope my words will help someone. So when we see these hateful things just remember this is evil trying to break something strong and something that is crossing barriers. We have seen this before when black people were overcoming barriers. Keep pushing forward. You are always going to have evil trying to interfere. Just remember how far you have come. I love you.


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