Cyclist Uses Bike Lock in K Street Road Rage Attack on Md. Driver

by Andrew Ramonas June 17, 2016 at 12:30 pm 13 Comments

1500 block of K Street NW (Photo via Google Maps)A cyclist hit a Maryland man in the face with a bicycle lock in a spurt of road rage downtown yesterday afternoon, police said.

The assault occurred on the 1500 block of K Street NW about 3 p.m. Thursday.

The victim was driving his car in an access lane on the road just west of McPherson Square when a man on a bicycle began to yell at him, according to authorities. The cyclist then rode in front of the car, got off his bike, grabbed his bike lock and walked toward the driver as he sat in his vehicle.

“Now we’re going to have a problem,” the cyclist said, according to authorities.

The cyclist then whacked the victim with the lock, got back on his bike and pedaled away.

The victim declined medical attention.

Police haven’t released a description of the suspect.

Photo via Google Maps

  • This is the thinnest story on the internet, who do you think you are the Prince of Petworth. There is no way this is what actually happened.

    • I know the story may seem odd, but the information on the crime came from a police report.

      • Whatever

        The police didn’t witness it. This is just what the driver said happened.

    • Meridian_Hill

      If this were PoPville all you’d get would be a block quote from the police/Alert DC alert.

    • John Smith 1882

      Really? Why is that?

  • Vernon6

    No doubt the driver did something insanely stupid or life threatening to the cyclist.

  • DeaconMac

    I love bikes and bicyclists and fully support sharing the road with them, but in my considerable experience as both a pedestrian and a vehicle passenger around DC, the vast majority of bicyclist — and I’m talking North of 80% — ride their bikes recklessly. They run red lights and stop signs, weave in and out of traffic lanes (often when there is a marked bike lane for them), and take ridiculous chances in heavy traffic. They seem to have a death wish!

    • YouArentGod

      I bike and drive as well. The amount of drivers I see changing lanes without speeding, u-turning from the inside lane, speeding, running red lights, running stop signs, running pedestrian crossings, tailgating, tailgating bikes, swerving into bikes, cutting off bikes when turning through bike lanes, stopping in the middle of a bike lane, honking and yelling at cyclists because “they don’t belong on the road,” threatening cyclists with death… the list goes on. Until our society better acknowledges the differences between a 2ton car and 20lb bike and the law reflects that, I will continue to ride how I want. I guarantee you 75% of the time I am riding defensively and not merely being an asshole. I am aware of the actions I take. I highly doubt 90% of the drivers who break the law know they’re breaking the law.

  • Will

    Filling in the blanks – the driver did something stupid and reckless that threatened the cyclist’s safety, or his life. Previous experience has taught the cyclist that police do nothing to help cyclists, so he took his own revenge and let the driver tell his story. All’s well that ends well

    • Probably true, but no amount of “almost” justifies an assault. If bikes and cars end up in a brawl over limited road space, cars win. Coexist.

      • Will

        Of course it justifies assault. If you attacked or threatened me with an axe and “almost killed me” then I would feel justified in assaulting you.

        Also it isn’t bikes and cars ending up in a brawl; it is the humans steering the vehicles. Most people would fall apart when faced with a heavy bike lock or a gun aimed at their head – I know I would! Good lesson for the reckless idiot driving the car. Shame the police don’t do their job as all this violence wouldn’t be necessary. 🙂

  • the_big_bandicoot

    Assault is not cool, even if cyclist had a reason.

    • Will

      Great! So someone can run up to you in the street and put a knife to your throat, and if you defend yourself then you are in the wrong? I didn’t think so. A death threat is the same if someone attacks you with a knife or a car. Think about it


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