Animal Rights Activists to Protest at the National Zoo This Weekend

by Alyse Mier June 30, 2016 at 10:15 am 48 Comments

Photo via Direct Action EverywhereNearly a dozen people say they plan to gather outside the National Zoo this weekend to speak out against animal captivity.

Members of the animal rights organization Direct Action Everywhere will peacefully voice their opinions on caged animals in the zoo this Sunday at 1 p.m.

“Zoos are like prisons,” said protest organizer Barbara Glick. “We don’t believe in these. We’re just trying to speak up about how animals suffer, whether it’s for entertainment, food, or clothing.”

Direct Action Everywhere is an international animal rights organization that calls for total animal liberation. The protest, Glick said, is meant to raise awareness over the “unnatural” conditions in which the animals are kept, and to call zookeepers out on their “hypocrisy.”

“Zoos don’t allow for natural behavior. They can’t mate naturally, get food naturally, they’re killing families,” said Glick. “The ironic part is how people talk about how much they love animals, but then walk around the zoo eating a hamburger.”

After the demonstration, the group plans to head to National Harbor to protest animals in circuses.

“It’s right before Independence Day, which is really perfect because we’re celebrating independence [by protesting],” Glick added.

Photo via Direct Action Everywhere

Comments (48)

  1. I hope that the day when humans respect all of our fellow earthlings (including other humans) is fast approaching. I have met so many children recently who care a great deal about every being’s right to live free from human exploitation and other avoidable harms; they give me hope. More and more humans are overcoming our lifelong indoctrination into the objectification of other animals and including more and more into their circle of compassion.

  2. I love bacon!

  3. Chris Dietrich

    It’s simple. We shouldn’t be hurting animals.

  4. Mountain Angels Sanctuary

    There is no difference in saying “I love raping and killing children”…when you say that. You are evil.

  5. Horse tastes great too.

  6. Such a pathetic display of ignorance and heartlessness.

  7. and delicious goodness

  8. laurelladesborough

    Lisa, I will be really really impressed when people stop over producing humans. We are the cause of the loss of a great deal of wildlife…too many humans on the planet now and more coming. Life is going to be unsustainable for those living in the wild because there will be no wild spaces left. We are cutting down jungles to run cattle or raise soy. We are clearing even swamps in order to grow more food for humans. THAT is the problem. Not zoos.

  9. Overbreeding of people who refuse to see the truth about turning sentient beings into commodities is the problem. Animal agriculture is responsible for massive amounts of unnecessary land and habitat destruction. Get some education.

  10. laurelladesborough

    Now you are talking about farming. I know farming well. I grew up on a farm. When you clear land for crops, grains, soybeans (think about all that soy for vegans and vegetarians!), then you are killing many small animals and birds, removing their habitat. Consider that many animals that are used for food are grown in areas where there can be no farming….untillable land it is called. You are simply repeating the mantra of the vegan cults without actual knowledge of farming or animal agriculture. NOTE: many animals are raised in confined areas…so they are not running around on tillable land. BUT, the animal rights ideologues protest that those poor animals are not running around on the grass as nature would have them do. Well, you cannot have it both ways: protecting land from agricultural animals by having them in a feedlot or building, versus having them run around on the lovely grass! Bottom line: human population is the problem. You would be better advised to support population reduction.

  11. “many animals that are used for food are grown in areas where there can be no farming.” Not anymore. Have you heard of factory farms / confined animal feeding operaions. That is now the norm. Please understand I have spoken with, and read accounts of, many people who grew up on farms with animals. I am well aware of what goes on.
    I would like to continue this discussion but not with people who must insult and degrade others to make their points. This adds nothing to what becomes no longer a discussion.

  12. not really as cattle can run on ground where nothing can be grown that humans can eat.. well maybe You Nancy could eat it,, and like it

  13. I hope everyone who saw Lisa’s post stops and thinks about WHAT your children are being taught in school. Sadly, many public school teachers feel totally free to stuff children’s minds with their own ignorant misconceptions about animals and other issues. I hope every parent who reads this will take a minute tonight to ask your children what they are being taught about animals in school. You may need to spend the rest of the summer visiting zoos, farms, game parks, dog training classes, fairs, etc. where they can meet and speak to people who own, love, and work with animals to make sure they don’t grow up into twisted crazies who try to cause problems for zoos.

  14. Chris Dietrich

    Isn’t it interesting that there are all types of animals at zoos except for pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys? How uncomfortable would it be to eat a hamburger while watching cows?

  15. Actually fairly comfortable. In fact, many zoos have all of those animals.

  16. The world needs fewer people who believe it’s wrong to harm others.

  17. yup like protesters who burn down fans, set people shomes on fire , send hate message in the mail, intimidate their children,.. and those zealots that think it ok to bring a dog to protest on a leash out in the sun with no water or food or bring their own children( they actually have children what a horrid thought) and force them to stand in the rain and snow and heat for their parents causes you mean those people I agree they need to go

  18. This sort of thing would creep into peoples’ minds.

  19. Steve Micciche

    Guess again. The National Zoo in DC has cows, pigs, chickens and alpacas. There is a nice pavilion overlooking the farm area and I find it quite comfortable.
    FYI, these animals live quite comfortable lives. In fact all of them do. In the process, people might actually learn something about them. Isn’t that one of the stated purpose of zoos along with conservation and species propagation?

  20. Animals in zoos are in captivity they are not free. What looks nice to us is from our perspective not theirs. We do not get to appreciate them for who they are. People who observe aniAls in the wild see them for who they are

  21. laurelladesborough

    Nancy, Grow up. Life in the wild is harrowing, hard, and brief for many creatures. The real wild is not Disneyland. It is a daily danger for most creatures. Even lions seeking prey can be gored to death by horned and hoofed animals. Not to mention that zoos are doing important work on genetics and behavior regarding many animal species. Zoos are a genetic reservoir.

  22. Grow up? Seriously? Did you comprehend what I wrote? Nature has its ways but nothing justifies human ignorance. Many field scientists study animals in the wild and they do appreciate them for who they are. Zoos are prisons. Grow some compassion and common sense.

  23. laurelladesborough

    Nancy, why do you think field biologists have the funds to go out in the wild and study animals? Who do these field biologists work for? Where do they get their funding? Well, in some instances, FROM ZOOS. That means because people are able to visit animals in zoos, zoos have income. That income is used for more than caring for the animals and staff. It is used for research, both field research and on site research. What is the benefit of that research? The animals IN the zoo and IN the wild are then able to have better understanding and better care. We cannot learn everything from watching animals in the wild. But, with access to those animals in captivity, much has been learned. That is why you need to learn more about what is actually happening as a result of the work of zoos and the interest of the public in zoos. You might do some research on the various programs involved with species survival, management of gene pools for rare animals, etc. etc. etc. As for zoos being prisons, we ALL live in prisons in this world. Even the wild is no paradise, it is a dangerous place for man and animal. For dangers…just consider how many humans are killed every year by our domestic dogs. Check the CDC for yourself. Compassion means actually caring. Actual caring means knowing what to do.

  24. you make way too much sense of Nancy.. who lives in Disneyland

  25. I saw a dead whale on the beach a couple of weeks ago is that what you mean.. the animal had starved to death

  26. Zoos are animal prisons for human amusement and $$$. Sanctuaries are conservation and protection for animals who can no longer live wild. There is nothing educational about enslaved and incarcerated animals.

  27. laurelladesborough

    Sanctuaries? Give me a break. Sanctuaries are money making enterprises. Check out that wonderful PAWS sanctuary in California for elephants. Those sanctuary owners are so smart they managed to burn one elephant to death! Often sanctuary people know very little about the animals in their care…but OH, they just LOVE those animals…meanwhile being stupid about their care.

  28. There is nothing educational about enslaved and incarcerated animals.

  29. End game. No zoos, no fish bowls, no horse ranches, no cattle ranches, no hunting, no fishing.

  30. no pets

  31. If you are opposed to zoos you are for extinction. Without zoos these animals will die in the wild because people would rather protest a place animals are not exploited but rather are given an optimal life free of predators, disease, and starvation/dehydration rather than protest the very actions that threaten the animal’s survival. If you believe in “direct action” how about you go protest deforestation, poaching, and fight for better protection for the animals in the wild?

  32. Have you ever heard of sanctuaries? Saying zoos are essential to conserve is just ignorant

  33. laurelladesborough

    Ah, Nancy, You need to learn about sanctuaries. They have ZERO rules about animal care. Zoos do. Zoos have to meet all sorts of regulations re animal care. Then there are those really wonderful sanctuaries like PAWS in California where the owners are so stupid they burned an elephant to death…but oh we will just forgive them because they LOVED that elephant. They were just stupid about elephant care. Wake up. Sanctuaries are about getting a halo and an income from donations.

  34. I know a lot about sanctuaries. They provide the best care possible and they do not put animals into prisons. Zoos have “regulations” but those are still regulations for PRISONERS.

  35. yes quite personal;y I believe you would be happy to see all zoo animals killed ..just you like your sister organization PETA

  36. No, actually sanctuaries (except for Ringling Brothers’ wonderful Elephant Conservation Center) are quite horrid. They take zoo animals and performing animals who love to interact with people and dump them into huge, empty enclosures with strict “no human contact” rules. Personally, that is one of the most fiendish forms of animal torment I can think of. Unfortunately, all the vets are humans, so the animals don’t have contact with any of those, either.

    People think of sanctuaries as being full of herds of happy elephants. HOWEVER, if you take elephants from several different places and put them all together, you are going to have horrible fights — with lots of injuries — because elephants from different family groups will not automatically be friends. In zoos, new elephants are gradually introduced to the other elephants until they all accept each other. At sanctuaries, because they can’t handle their elephants in any way, they can’t do that. So they keep the elephants from different locations SEPARATED for the rest of their lives. There is many a miserably sad elephant in those putrid sanctuaries — longing for their people and for the company of other elephants.

    The incident Laura mentioned at the PAWS “sanctuary” last year was not one elephant, but every animal in the place being directly in the path of a wild fire —- and PAWS could not move them to safety because they could not handle them and they refused to let anyone else do it. In fact, one of their workers allegedly commented that they would RATHER see all the elephants burn to death than let any human help them. So tender and compassionate, aren’t they? Mercifully, the wind changed when the fire was a mere mile from PAWS and the elephants and other animals were safe.

    Sanctuaries are run on donations. Sanctuaries are SO fashionable right now, but what happens when animal rightsers wander off after a new fad and the donations dry up? Guess.

    Sanctuaries are generally run by people like Bob Barker (he owns PAWS). An elderly game show host, of course, knows nothing about elephants. So, when you talk about experts and best elephant care practices, you are not talking about people who run elephant sanctuaries.

    Love animals? Support your local zoo.

  37. sanctuaries where only the sanctimonious can care for animals

  38. most sanctuaries do not allow their animals to breed.. so they are in reality graveyards for species

  39. You are very misinformed. Zoos exist for human greed and animals kept prisoner for human amusement. Shame on you. Please look behind the curtain.

  40. laurelladesborough

    Karin, Do a little research and stop parroting the mantra of the PETA people who want to euthanize all animals anyway. Zoos do a lot more than put animals on exhibit. Please educate yourself.

  41. Todd Jennison

    Sounds like a great event. Gandhi said that a society can be judged based on how it treats its animals.

  42. sorry he never said that ever..

  43. Actually, he did.

  44. laurelladesborough

    Ah yes. Let them run free in the wild! oops! WHAT wild? Biologists indicate that there is so little wild left anywhere and that wild is getting less and less, just where do these idiots think animals are going to run free? Forests are felled to grow for soy for their bellies! Fields are cleared so they can enjoy their vegan foods. All that is “lost wild.” But, they have their fantasies, and by gollies they are going to work to “free the animals” to forage in soy fields, to seek mates in deforested lands. Well good luck with that!

  45. there are more crops grown to feed commercial animals than are grown to feed people. You easily tell others to get “educated” when it is in fact you who do not know the facts. You are only trying to justify eating animals and using them for entertainment. Animal agriculture is responsible for over half of all environmental destruction. If you want to find out some facts, here’s a great site with tons of resources and references: http://www.HARPforAnimals.com

  46. yes because protein from animals is what makes us smarter than you

  47. Oh please. You, Nancy, are the one who needs to get in touch with the real world. I grew up on a cattle ranch. Al’s post above is exactly right. Even “grain fed beef” spends most of its life eating grass. In the U.S. and Europe, SHEEP have always been the answer to “what shall we do with land that is no good for growing crops”. “Justify using animals for entertainment”? Oh save me. I own a dog that will BEG for an opportunity to entertain you — and I know numerous other dogs who feel the same way. Oh, Nancy, the world is so full of happiness and delight when you let animals come into your life. I’m sorry you’re missing so much.

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