Columbia Heights Art Space Seeks Donations to Fix Air Conditioner

by Tim Regan July 5, 2016 at 10:15 am 0

BloomBars, photo via Facebook / BloomBarsAn arts nonprofit in Columbia Heights is asking its neighbors to help fund the repair or replacement of a broken air conditioner.

BloomBars (3222 11th St. NW) launched a GoFundMe page yesterday to help raise the $6,000 needed to buy a new air conditioner.

“Not to be to alarmist – global warming is real (to us rational sane folk) – but it is about to hit BloomBars especially hard,” the GoFundMe page reads. “Our A/C unit went caput this week.”

A heat wave is expected to hit the D.C. area later this week, according to the Washington Post, and the lack of air conditioning could force BloomBars to close its doors on especially hot days.

So far, supporters have raised nearly $1,000 to aid the nonprofit’s cause.

More information from the GoFundMe page:

Not to be to alarmist – global warming is real (to us rational sane folk) – but it is about to hit BloomBars especially hard. Our A/C unit went caput this week.

The bill: $1,800 to (possibly) repair it (new compressor), or $6,000 to replace it. So, unless there is a benevolent A/C company out there willing to donate a 2.5 ton Magic-Pak A/c unit (Google it), we are in dire need of your support if we are to stay open during this soon-to-be scorching summer.

You, our supporters have always come through in these trying moments, and we hope with this challenge you will again rise to the occasion.

There is always the option of turning all our programs to the Bikram model, but I’m not sure sweating out a gallon of water would suit everyone, especially the little ones.

If you’d like to make you donation tax deductible, please make your donation here:

Otherwise, please, please, please, GoFundUs. Right here, right now. And, please spread the work and SHARE on your social networks. Thank you!

For those who are new to BloomBars, here’s the background:

*Winner: Voted Best Arts & Culture Nonprofit in the Washington City Paper Readers Poll FIVE years in a row, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016*

BloomBars’ works to inspire compassionate, creative and purposeful communities through the arts. Our goal is to foster personal and collective growth and cultivate a legion of artists to be the catalyst for community transformation across the globe. We offer a safe space for creative expression, community building, wellness, entertainment and anything that nurtures meaningful human connections and motivates people to service. We redefine the perception of a bar by providing opportunities for diverse, multi-lingual, multi-generational communities to gather in a culturally rich and alcohol-free environment. We are 100% donation driven, volunteer run and love fueled.

BloomU is the all-ages college of BloomBars. Our mission it to help you reach your full potential by exploring the heights of your creativity! Led by a talented team of artist/instructors, we host a variety of classes and workshops for people of all ages and experience levels, including dance, theater, visual arts, music, poetry and film. Classes are donation based. Suggested donations range from $5-$25. Drop-in on a class or workshop today!

Artists in Bloom At the center of our broad mission is a core belief that art and artists have the power to transform people, communities, and the world. The Artist in Bloom Residency Program is designed to identify, cultivate and incubate artists who will advance that belief and supports their growth as professionals, community activists, educators, social entrepreneurs, and human beings.

The Gallery at BloomBars presents exhibitions and programs that spark important conversations and encourage relationships between the artist and community. The Gallery’s interdisciplinary approach opens the door to bold experimentation and unique partnerships that support its mission to present the diversity of human experiences, raise consciousness and inspire personal growth.

Help spread the word!

Photo via Facebook / BloomBars


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