POLL: What Name Should This Adams Morgan Plaza Have?

by Andrew Ramonas July 11, 2016 at 2:15 pm 11 Comments

Plaza at 1800 Columbia Road NW

A plaza in the heart of Adams Morgan has found itself at the center of a battle over what’s best for the neighborhood.

On one side, PN Hoffman and some residents are pushing to take away at least some of the open space at 1800 Columbia Road NW to construct a mixed-use building. On the other side, some locals unhappy with the developer’s plan say they are fighting for “an improved, green, inviting safe public space that remains public as it is now.”

But what do you call the plaza? That issue is up for debate, too.

The spot, which doesn’t have an official name, is often referred to by PN Hoffman representatives, community leaders and other individuals as the “SunTrust plaza,” in reference to the bank on the property. We also have used that name for the site in our stories on Borderstan.

The “Save Our Plaza” group fighting against the developer has begun to call it “Reparations Plaza,” however. Vikram Surya Chiruvolu, a local behind the Save Our Plaza campaign, told us that the name came after he said he learned that progressive bankers and Adams Morgan residents collaborated in the 1970s to create the open space as part of “reparations” to local African Americans he said had difficulties getting loans.

We’ve also heard “Pigeon Plaza” used as a name for the place as well.

So, what name should the plaza have? You can weigh in through the poll and in the comments.

  • David

    Knickerbocker Plaza – it shocks me how practically nobody knows/cares about the history of this location. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knickerbocker_Theatre_(Washington,_D.C.)

    • Adam Russell

      I came here to say the same exact thing. This seems like a fairly obvious option.

    • Lisa

      Yes absolutely Knickerbocker. I knew of the incident but hadn’t realized this was the location. Thanks for that. Yes Knickerbocker is the obvious choice.

  • Robert Turner II

    A group of mostly white people calling it Reparations Plaza is an insult to black people everywhere!

    • I Have to Say It


  • A

    What about sh*tstained, garbage filled plaza?

  • I Have to Say It

    I just came to say that Reparations Plaza is outrageous. And racist.

  • Michael

    Nothing plaza. It’s a horrible space–let PN Hoffman build on it!

  • Euclidian

    “NIMBY Plaza.” Or perhaps “Dear-God-Let-It-Be-Developed-Into-Something-Other-Than-This-Barren-Oversized-Bus-Stop Plaza.” I’m good either way.

  • VEO

    union plaza- many come together there

  • Shasta

    Plaza McPlaza-y Face


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