‘Metro’s a Loser! We Took an Uber!’ Protesters Chant in Dupont

by Alyse Mier July 19, 2016 at 3:00 pm 8 Comments

About two dozen young men and few other people converged on Dupont Circle this afternoon to vent their frustration over Metro’s delays and safety, demanding the privatization of the transit system.

Angered by Metro’s slow service and what they said are the system’s “hazardous” conditions, the demonstrators stood in a line near the Dupont station’s north entrance yelling, “Metro’s a loser! We took an Uber!”

Metro, which is undergoing a massive effort to rehabilitate its aging rail system, is “always a long delay,” the demonstrators chanted to the tune of “Tomorrow” from “Annie.”

The protesters also expressed their frustration by waving a collection of handmade signs that said, “Metro=Hazard Privatize Now,” “Can’t PokeGo Metro Slow,” “The Metro is More Lit Than My Mixtape” and “Bro, do you even Metro?”

When a Borderstan reporter asked one demonstrator for a comment, he declined.

“We can’t talk,” he said dismissively. “We’re protesting.”

The young man and his fellow demonstrators disbanded soon after.

  • km

    This is a spoof right?

  • Hill Rat

    Yeah, cause if there’s one thing American business has shown that it’s good at, it’s long term infrastructure planning, investment, and maintenance.

  • 2JZ_NOS

    F’ing a-holes. Don’t these mf’ers have jobs? Then there’s the imbecile who can’t spell YOU’RE. These sacks of sh1t probably don’t even take Metro, but feel the need to complain. They should just take a stroll into traffic

  • NuNu

    why do they look like they started taking the metro 2 years ago???

  • RobMF

    i think kids today confuse satire, performance art, and trolling. not sure which they were going for, but it is definitely not a protest.

  • DogMama

    Hey, is this the big Bernie rally we were promised?

  • Scuba Steve

    Hazardous? Fair enough. But is the Uber you just took really any better? You decide…


  • Jim Quinn

    When protesting do not allow the mainstream media to ask you questions


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