Cove Offers Modern, Convenient Workspaces, Now for $99 a Month

by July 22, 2016 at 7:00 am 0

In the past, new businesses were launched on crowded kitchen tables and in drafty garages, and many still are. Bottom line: It doesn’t matter where you do the work, what is important is that the ideas are good and the dedication to achieving success is strong.

The same is true today, but modern independent workers find it easier to fulfill their labors of love in fully equipped, well-appointed shared workspaces that afford not just a change of scenery and faster Wi-Fi but a burst of useful energy–and perhaps, inspiration–by the similarly dedicated workers who share the space with you. And free coffee. Of course, coffee.

In the District, the go-to workspace is cove, a network of seven modern workspace suites where on any given day hundreds of motivated individuals work on building their dreams or completing assignments in comfortable, professional offices spaces–with free coffee.

For a limited time, cove is offering new members a $99 per month all-access membership that allows them to use cove’s facilities–any of the workspaces they choose–for their first year.

“We recently changed our plan structure and the response from current members and potential new members has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Karen Doster, cove’s DC city manager. “The ability to access to seven workspaces whenever you’d like for however long you’d like is pretty exciting–not to mention a great value.”

Besides a comfortable desk, free Wi-Fi and, yes, coffee, cove provides access to color printers, meeting spaces and “call boxes” (telephone rooms), as well as access to tapping into that energy that generates from the ambition and inspiration of others.

For those who have cozy workspaces at their usual office, or at kitchen tables and in garages, a membership to cove affords opportunities for a change of pace and scenery, to network a bit and to cure the loneliness and boredom that often accompanies fulfilling dreams.

Cloistering at cove is as easy as using a phone. Just open the app and drop in.

And enjoy the coffee.

To learn more about cove’s $99 special or to discover fees for weekend and after-hours plans, see the website here or call 202-760-4725.


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