Two Women Take on the World with Brownies for D.C., Pot Included

by Courtney Brown July 29, 2016 at 3:55 pm 1 Comment

Space Cakes founders

Can marijuana make the world a better place? Araminta Scott and Ariel Oxner say it can.

The duo have created Space Cakes DC, a weed-laced pastry business they say is a nonprofit organization. Through home deliveries and pop-up stands, Scott and Oxner have brought cannabis-infused brownies, cupcakes and cookies to the masses in the District.

The main ingredient in their edibles is a butter-weed mixture called, “cannabutter,” Oxner said. A friend, who taught himself how to grow marijuana, gives them the pot for free to make the special sauce, Scott added.

“We want to show people that there’s other ways to get high than just smoking,” Oxner said.

The nonprofit’s donors can place their orders three days in advance via email and choose to have their edibles delivered to them or have their treats available at Space Cakes DC’s pop-up locations, Scott said. Customers also can pick them up at the pop-up stands, which have recently made stops in Dupont Circle and the U Street corridor, among other areas.

About a dozen people usually make donations at the pop-up spots, Scott said. She and Oxner also try to win over potential donors by educating them about the nonprofit’s products.

“We firmly believe weed will make the world a better place,” Scott said. “Putting [pot] in an edible makes it easier to consume and takes away the negative connotation that’s placed on marijuana usage.”

The co-owners don’t sell to just everyone, however. They make sure their customers are at least 21 years old.

And so far, Scott and Oxner said they haven’t had any problems with the law, unlike mobile weed dispensary Kush Gods. The owner of that nonprofit organization made headlines when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of marijuana distribution in the District this year.

“I’ve never worried before, and I don’t feel like I’m doing anything illegal,” Oxner said. “Maybe we haven’t created enough buzz yet.”

Photo courtesy of Alyse Mier


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