Greek Eatery Closes After Only Months in Adams Morgan

by Alyse Mier August 2, 2016 at 11:15 am 4 Comments

Yamas Mediterranean Grill at 2418 18th St. NW

A fast-casual Greek restaurant that opened in Adams Morgan earlier this year has turned off its lights for the last time.

Yamas Mediterranean Grill (2418 18th St. NW) shut its doors for good Friday, less than a year after it opened in January, owner Tony Alexis told Borderstan.

Alexis said he couldn’t devote time to the eatery as he helped care for his ailing 95-year-old father, George, who died last week. George, a Greek immigrant and restaurateur, fell and broke his hip shortly before the opening.

“Unfortunately, the restaurant business is getting tougher and tougher,” Alexis said. “I couldn’t pay attention to it. I couldn’t get the level of service I needed because I didn’t have the time to train people.”

The restaurant is set to become a Vietnamese restaurant, which is slated to open in a few weeks, Alexis said.

“I was looking forward to getting to know Adams Morgan and their diverse community,” he said.

Despite his struggle with the Adams Morgan Yamas, Alexis said he has no plans to close his Yamas eateries at 1946 New Hampshire Ave. NW and in Bethesda.

The location near the U Street corridor is set to get a grill for cooking hamburgers and lamb chops in September, he noted.

  • Anon

    I liked this place at first but a few things… (1) They’d run out of most or all of their food late in the day, (2) took FOREVER to get your order even when the place was empty, (3) I never went back the day I got there after opening and the lady told me I couldn’t get a burger because “we haven’t cooked the meat yet.” Bad enough that the place wasn’t really open, worse is that made it clear that they’re serving reheated meat all day. Gross!

    • PDinDC

      I’m sorry to hear about Mr. Alexis’ passing, but I have to agree about the NH Ave store. Service was always weird, like they were supposed to serve breakfast but there was only one person who could actually make an omelette. In a restaurant. One person. And he never seemed to be there. You would order an omelet and the cashier lady would get a panicked look and say the guy wasn’t there but she could try. About 20 minutes later she would appear with something that didn’t especially resemble an omelette. And yes, they constantly ran out of food and the quality of it was not very consistent. A full-time manager seems like it would be a good idea for this spot.

  • John Smith 1882

    Went there a couple of months ago. It was decent. It had a good amount of options at a good price point, but the menu was a bit unclear. Don’t know if these are issues at his other sites.

    One thing that was seriously off putting was the blasting rap music. Not Greek. And not enjoy liable to sit and stay. I get it that the person working there wanted to listen to something but lower the volume.

    As far as training others, if this guy has two other places as far away from each other as they are, than he should have at least one manager. This person should have trained those working at the new shop.

    Shame the idea is gone. Would be nice to have the Greek fast Casual option

  • A

    If only the pigeons from the pigeon plaza would spend their money in the neighborhood — maybe businesses wouldnt close!


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