How Locals Can Cool Off at National Building Museum’s ‘Icebergs’ for Free

by Courtney Brown August 4, 2016 at 4:45 pm 0

Icebergs (Photo via Facebook/National Building Museum)

Residents of two wards will be able to “explore a fantastical glacial sea designed by landscape architects” for free next week.

Ward 2 and 8 Day at the National Building Museum (401 F St. NW) is scheduled for next Tuesday, Aug. 9 from 9-11 a.m., according to the museum’s website.

To get into the exhibit free of charge, residents must bring an ID card that proves they live in either Ward 2 or Ward 8.

More info on “Icebergs” from the museum’s website:

ICEBERGS is built from re-usable construction materials, such as scaffolding and polycarbonate paneling. The 20′ high “water line” allows panoramic views from high above the ocean surface and down below among the towering bergs. The tallest “bergy bit,” at 56′, reaches to the third story balcony of the Museum.

Employees from Daikaya will also be on hand to sling snacks such as Japanese “kakigori” shaved ice.

Photo via Facebook/National Building Museum


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