How D.C. Firefighters Train for Emergencies on the D.C. Streetcar

by Tim Regan August 11, 2016 at 12:00 pm 0

D.C. Firefighters on D.C. Streetcar, photo via Twitter : DCFIREEMS

A small group of local firefighters climbed aboard the D.C. Streetcar yesterday and prepared for the worst.

But they weren’t passengers, and the streetcar wasn’t chugging down H Street. Instead, the firefighters were taking part in a weekly training program to prepare for emergencies that could occur along the line, said D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Vito Maggiolo

“We have to train for any situation we may have to confront. The streetcar system is new,” he said.

Twice a week, fire companies meet for training at the “streetcar barn” at 26th Street and Benning Road NE. There, they go over what to do in emergency situations such as the streetcar malfunctioning, catching fire or T-boning a car.

“They go over how to cut the power [and] how to extricate people,” Maggiolo explained. “The intention is to rotate all of our companies through there so all our firefighters will have familiarization with the streetcar.”

However unlikely such emergencies might be, the training program is a way to keep firefighters up-to-date on all the ways people might need to be rescued.

“We train every day on a variety of procedures and situations,” Maggiolo said. “We have to confront whatever happens in this city.”


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