Metro Could Fix Dupont, Farragut Station Chillers ‘Within Days’ or Not This Year

by Tim Regan August 17, 2016 at 11:05 am 0

Dupont Chillers update signCool air could flow through Metro’s Dupont Circle and Farragut North stations in a matter of days or not at all this year.

That’s the latest news from Metro, which earlier this week updated riders on the status of those sweltering stations’ “chillers.”

The chillers, which use water to help cool air pumped into the stations, stopped working last summer due to leaks in a 40-year-old pipe that feeds water into the system.

Metro originally estimated it would repair those leaks and turn on the chillers by July 1, then again by July 16 and beyond. As of this morning, the two Red Line stations were still much hotter than normal.

But relief might be on the way, Metro said.

“Additional parts have been ordered from overseas and we are currently awaiting delivery, ” the transit agency said in a statement Monday. “Once the parts arrive and are installed, crews will again attempt to pressure-test the pipe.”

If the test is successful, the stations could have cool air “within days,” Metro said. But if the tests fail, “crews will likely need to excavate Connecticut Avenue NW for further repairs.”

“In that eventuality, chilled air service will not be restored this year,” officials added.


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