Workers Drain Dupont Circle Fountain After Algae Invasion

by Tim Regan August 31, 2016 at 10:30 am 0

Dupont Circle’s landmark fountain is dry again, and this time it’s because of green slime.

National Park Service workers drained and scrubbed the fountain yesterday after locals expressed disgust at globs of green scum floating inside the fountain’s basin:

The scum, said Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst, was algae that flourished due to a “clogged intake line” in the fountain’s pipes. The clog prevented fresh water from circulating in the fountain, leading to the slimy mess, Litterst explained.

“Our facility management staff drained it yesterday and cleaned out the algae,” he said. “They will snake out the line tomorrow and if all goes well it will be flowing again on Friday.”

Dupont Circle’s fountain has had somewhat of a troubled year. The fountain overflowed immediately after workers switched it on in May. Then, leaks in the fountain’s piping caused it to stay dormant until mid-July.


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