Bloomingdale’s Showtime Lounge to Get Soup Pop-up Next Week

by Tim Regan September 23, 2016 at 2:15 pm 0

bowls-and-bohsA new pop-up will bring hot bowls of soup to a Bloomingdale bar starting next week.

Showtime Lounge (113 Rhode Island Ave. NW) is scheduled to start serving “Bowls and Bohs” each Wednesday at 6 p.m., according to the bar’s resident souper hero, Jason Mogavero.

During the pop-up, Mogavero — a longtime Showtime patron who says he drinks there “way too much” — will be serving steaming bowls of homemade soup for $5. For an extra two dollars, Showtime’s bartenders will throw in a cold Natty Boh.

Originally, Mogavero wanted to do a cheesesteak pop-up, but when he floated the idea to Showtime owner Paul Vivari, his response was lukewarm. Vivari worried the bar didn’t have much ventilation, Mogavero recalled. Cooking cheesesteaks could make the place reek of cooked meat.

So, Mogavero decided to switch to his other love in life: soup.

What’s on the menu? The pop-up will kick off with West African peanut soup on Sept. 28, then — of course — cheesesteak soup on Oct. 5.

“It’s going to be a different soup every week,” Mogavero said. “I’m going to get the full beautiful kaleidoscope of soup in there at some point or another.”

Mogavero is no stranger to serving up hot broth. Last year, he organized the D.C. Rock ‘N’ Roll Chili Cookbook, which had its launch party at Showtime. He also DJed at a gathering for soup lovers there earlier this year.

Though Mogavero said he’ll be the bar’s resident soup chef to start with, there might be some “guest soup artists” in the mix at a later date. And attendees can request soups, too, he added.

“Soup and beer are two of the great connective tissues of us as a species,” Mogavero said. “I don’t think that anyone is going to stop loving soup any time soon.”

Photo via Twitter / Jack on Fire


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