Cyclist in Critical Condition After Columbia Heights Dump Truck Crash

by Andrew Ramonas September 26, 2016 at 9:25 am 17 Comments

A cyclist is in critical condition after a collision with a dump truck in Columbia Heights this morning, according to D.C. Fire and EMS.

The crash happened near 11th and Euclid streets NW about 8:30 a.m. The area is about a block north of the Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus.

The cyclist was conscious after the collision, but had “potentially life-threatening” injuries, D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Doug Buchanan said. He described the cyclist as a “young lady.”

She was brought to a local hospital for treatment.

  • nicole

    What hospital!?! Witnessed this accident and called 911. Would like to send condolences to her and family.

    • You can try contacting D.C. Fire and EMS at 202-673-3320 for that information.

    • Josh Mitchell

      What happened? was the driver at fault? I usually take 11th street in the morning at around this time.

      • Laura

        The driver turned right onto Euclid from 11th and I’m guessing he did not know there was a bike lane there (in which riders going straight through the light have the right-of-way) or just didn’t see her because of the size of the vehicle – can’t say for certain as I didn’t see it, but definitely seems to be the driver’s fault. One of the women in a car who helped out said the driver hit her and knocked her off of the bike, didn’t even realize he had, and then kept going and drove over her.

        • Richard Simmons


          Please call/text me regarding this accident. 443-623-6905. Thanks.

        • William

          Thanks for your concern. This is Natalie’s dad. She is in stable but critical condition. She suffered a fx leg ribs spine clavicle and both lungs punctured. She is lucky to be alive. She is on a respirator but can communicate by writing. She still has her sense of humor.

          • Josh Mitchell

            I’m so happy to hear she is OK. I travel that exact route on my bike almost every morning, at that exact time. Someone stole my bike last week and I have been taking metro this week. So scary to know this could happen. I have been thinking about your daughter and am keeping her and your family in my thoughts. Thank you for the update

          • Alfonso

            Hello Natalie’s dad, Alfonso from UMD here with best wishes for Natalie. (We’ve also been getting updates from Sam and Dale). Awful news but happy your brilliant kid will pull through.

          • nicole


            I am praying hard for you, your family, and Natalie! I have not been able to stop thinking about this since I saw it happen. Have been trying to follow up on her status. Just spoke with a detective to give my witness account. God Bless. It is a miracle that she is going to be OK. Extending my sincerest apologies, love, and thoughts. Stay strong Natalie!! Wishing you a quick and healthy recovery.

            All the love,


          • Bruce

            Terrible accident – tell Natalie all of us in the bike community are pulling for her! We pray she makes a complete recovery. It sounds lke the MPD is on top of it as a major crash investigation. Thanks to all witnesses who are stepping forward! http://www.thebikelawyer.com

    • Richard Simmons


      The family has seen your kind comments. Thank you. Please call/text me regarding this accident. 443-623-6905. Thanks.

    • Matthew Magnaye Jungnitsch

      I’m her coworker. Feel free to message me on FB if you’d like me to forward well wishes. She’s in bad shape but stable and expected to make a full recovery.

  • Angel Castañer Renau

    Totally saw this. Super scary. I hope she recovers soon

    • Richard Simmons

      Please call/text me regarding this accident. 443-623-6905. Thanks.

  • Richard Simmons

    If you witnessed this accident, please call me at 410-286-1220 or Det. Bruce from MPD at 202-359-8262. Thank you,

    Richard Simmons, Esq.
    [email protected]
    443-623-6905 mobile

  • Jeff

    I am the Detective handling the case for the Metropolitan Police Department. If anyone has first hand witness accounts of the crash, please contact me immediately.
    [email protected]
    Thank you,
    Detective Jeffrey Bruce

  • Anon

    So sorry to hear about this, and I’m glad she survived. I too bike this route regularly, at about the same time of day. Who knows, we may have shared the lane in the past. I really hope she has a full and speedy recovery. Glad she’s got family here with her.


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