Viral Video Shows ‘Disgusting’ Rat Crawling in Dupont Burger Joint

by Tim Regan October 18, 2016 at 3:45 pm 4 Comments

(Updated 4:50 p.m.) A video of a large rodent scurrying around inside a Dupont burger restaurant is making the rounds online.

The video, posted above, shows a rat running across a table inside the Dupont Z-Burger (2157 P St. NW) while a crowd of off-camera onlookers shouts and shrieks.

“This is f—–g disgusting,” says one person.

“We need the health inspector!” and “are you serious?” two other people shout.

Terrel Richardson, who lives in Northeast D.C., was leaving a nearby bar with some friends around 12:20 a.m. last Friday when one of his companions saw something small and furry through the burger joint’s front window.

That small and furry creature turned out to be a big rat.

“My friend was like, ew,” Richardson recalled. “She started going off because there was a rat climbing all over the counter.”

So, Richardson did what anyone does in a situation like that. He whipped out his phone and started filming a Snapchat video.

“It looked like so nasty, like it had been through a hard time,” Richardson recalled. “It was very disgusting.”

Later that day, Richardson shared the video on Facebook. In just a few days, the video has been clicked on by people across the District and beyond.

“Next thing you know, it just started blowing up,” he said. “Last time I checked, it had 300,000 views and 7,000 shares.”

Z-Burger owner Peter Tabibian said the rat must have found its way inside the store while employees propped a back door open.

“They were putting the food away… and when they left the door open for a little bit, a couple of [rats] snuck in,” Tabibian said.

But the owner said he called the D.C. Department of Health as soon as he saw Richardson’s video. Inspectors came out and gave Z-Burger a “clean bill of health,” he said.

DOH employees noted “evidence of rodents… outside of the food establishment” but saw no live rats when they visited the restaurant yesterday, according to an inspection report Borderstan obtained.

“I’m going to be in there every day monitoring this stuff,” Tabibian said. “We take health very seriously in our restaurant.”

Despite Tabibian’s assurances, Richardson said he won’t be eating at Z-Burger for the foreseeable future.

“That rat was too big. It was in there playing. It had to be crawling all over everything,” he said. “I just don’t think I would.”

Video courtesy of Terrel Richardson

  • Page 7

    People should relax, it is perfectly safe to eat there. The amount of contaminants you eat from produce from the grocery store pales in comparison from a rat running over a counter that I’m sure was cleaned thoroughly afterwards.

  • steve849

    Hmm. How perfect that ten second piece turned out. Rat, pull back to get the sign which is at the right angle, back to the rat . . ..

  • Jeffb

    Rat or hamburger meat? You decide.

  • Magnolia_virginiana

    If you’ve ever eaten out, you’ve eaten in a place that has seen at least one rat and probably roaches and other bugs too.

    Just because no one posted a video about doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist.


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