Dog-Friendly Tavern to Open Near U Street Within Weeks

by Tim Regan November 29, 2016 at 12:00 pm 8 Comments

Wet Dog Tavern exterior, photo courtesy of Raj Lal

A new watering hole near U Street is set to start welcoming pups and people by mid-December.

Wet Dog Tavern, a new “dog-friendly” beer garden, is set to open its doors at 2100 Vermont Ave. NW in a matter of weeks, according to general manager Raj Lal. Though the bar was originally slated to open over the summer, some construction and permitting issues have delayed that process.

When the bar finally opens, it will serve beer, wine and seasonal cocktails. The idea, Lal said, is to keep things simple and unsophisticated.

“I want to focus on producing great, balanced cocktails that patrons can connect with and really enjoy,” Lal said. “I’m a huge fan of a well-made perfect manhattan, so you can expect to see something like that offered. Perhaps a twist on a margarita and a warm cocktail or two for our winter opening.”

The bar will also pour some beers “that are being brewed for us out of a Pennsylvania brewery,” Lal added. “For the rest of the taps and bottle choices, we’ll be focusing on nationwide brews, not just the same local breweries that are commonly found around this area.”

Patrons can sip their drinks in a heated outdoor beer garden that will be large enough for about 75-100 people. The tavern’s interior will hold between 35 and 50 people, Lal added.

As the name implies, customers seated in the outdoor area can bring along their canine companions.

“We plan on having tables outside where people can bring their dogs,” Lal told us in April. “You want to walk your dog, you can bring them here.”

Photo courtesy of Raj Lal

  • A

    So…..they’ll just have an outdoor space that is dog friendly….like most bars…..

    • dat way

      ^right what a con, says want to walk your dog and hands you a chair and pint. wtf people are idiots. i bet there will be more dog fights than micheal vicks back yard. if you are going to spend time with your dog do stuff that they will enjoy don’t use them as an excuse to get drunk

      • Patrick

        Wow. Not sure where you guys getting off ripping into this bar. It sounds like they’re going to provide a climate controlled outdoor space that will allow for dog owners to sit outside with friends and enjoy the opportunity to bring their best friend along. To me, that’s awesome. Not everyone going to have a pint is looking for an excuse to get drunk.

        • Jay Ackerman

          sounds to me some other local bar owners are salty! why troll on this bar? It seems they want to focus on good coctails beers you can’t find in every other hipster bar with a tap and on top of that you can bring your dog! Stop trolling

    • Patrick

      Like most bars? You mean like almost no bars that maintain outdoor space in winter?

  • Independent193

    The fact that they have no interest in supporting the local economy by refusing to have local products right out of the gate makes me never want to go here.

    • gbrown

      Yet they’re supporting the local economy by, you know, being a part of it.

    • GoutMachine

      I’m with you in spirit. I happen to like the local beers, so this stood out to me, as well. Also, the fact that he said “nationwide brews” leads me to think he’s referring to Budweiser and not, say, good beer from good, independent breweries that happen not to be in the area.

      So yeah, it’s a bit tone deaf to exclude local beers.


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