Borderstan to Cease Publication (Again)

by Borderstan.com December 19, 2016 at 10:30 am 17 Comments

Dupont Circle fountain, Jan. 12 2016

To our readers: we have some bad news, unfortunately. Borderstan will cease publication this Friday, Dec. 23.

Since relaunching the site in June 2015, we’ve brought you the latest local news, with original reporting about development, crime, restaurants and other happenings. We’re sorry we have to go, and we hope that we’ve helped to inform and, at times, entertain you over the past 19 months.

While we envisioned a professionally-staffed (Borderstan has two full-time co-editors) online local news publication for the dynamic mid-city neighborhoods of D.C., it has become clear our business model here is not working. Borderstan and publications like it rely on advertising sales to local businesses, and we simply have not received the traction we need to stay in business.

We’d like to thank the advertisers that did support us, including VIDA Fitness, MakeOffices, Kevin J. Wood, Price Benowitz LLP, BakeHouse, Lee Murphy of Washington Fine PropertiesSpotluck, AnytimeK9, CFS Events, DC Bocce League, Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, Paintzen, Insomnia Escape Room and Cove. These are the companies that helped to support independent, local journalism for your community — please join us in thanking them for their business.

Borderstan’s sister websites, ARLnow.com and Reston Now, will continue on as usual in Northern Virginia. Borderstan’s Tim Regan will be moving over to ARLnow, while Andrew Ramonas is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

If you have any questions, comments or musings, don’t hesitate to drop us a line via email or Twitter.

  • Lisa

    Sorry you couldn’t make a go of it. Good try though.

  • Steve

    Sorry to hear it and happy holidays regardless!

  • a_rssll

    Really sorry to see you guys go. Thanks for all your quality local reporting.

  • John Smith 1882

    Boo! Sucks that not enough local support came through. You guys should have tried a fundraiser from readers!

    • carishane

      Great idea. Perhaps it’s not too late?

  • cheesenpeas

    SADFACE. You folks were great.

  • Adam Finch


    Thanks for trying and best of luck on the next steps

  • Popeye

    I’m a big fan and really sorry to you go. Thanks for the good reporting.

  • Jennifer Maloney

    Super Sad Face! Sorry to see you go.

  • Chinarye

    Very sad. One of my most visited sites. You will be missed!

  • DC Dude

    Sorry to hear the news. I, along with several of my friends, preferred this over PoP.

    Yours was straightforward community news and not heavily censored to reflect only the editor’s (ie Dan’s) viewpoint. I also find the aformentioned site to be completely insulator rarely allowing for relevant external links. Let’s hope a new Borderstan type blog enters to challenge it soon.

    Best of luck!

  • carishane

    I read you EVERY day. I agree with DC Dude, so much better than PoP. You are my local-news go-to.

  • Circle Thomas

    Damn! Like others, I really preferred this site over the competition. Where will Dan crib “original” content from now once you’re gone?

  • Kumbaya

    Sorry to see you go. I guess it’s just back to DCist. No to PoP. Perhaps if more diverse viewpoints were permitted in the comments section rather than enforcing a specific narrative, traffic on this site would have been more robust and ad revenue would have been higher. Also, I think so many in the community are unaware of this site, largely due to the highly transient nature of DC. More advertising of the site could have helped. Anyway, too late. Goodbye and good luck!

  • El Rey

    It was good while it lasted – thanks for all the neighborhood news I’ve come to rely upon over the last year. You guys did a bang up job and will be missed.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the reporting… sorry to see you go.

  • suspicious_package

    How is it that you’re out of business, but Jack in the Box is not?


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