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Funk Parade (Photo via Funk Parade)

There’s lots to do this week. Want proof? Here’s a smattering of events happening across the area through next Monday:


Star Wars Week
Eat the Rich (1839 7th St. NW)

Eat the Rich will resemble Mos Eisley Cantina between May 2 and 6 for “Star Wars Week.” The bar will sling sci-fi cocktails and its bartenders will dress up to celebrate the event.


Taste of Adams Morgan
Throughout Adams Morgan
5 p.m.

Nearby restaurants will throw open their doors for the annual Taste of Adams Morgan celebration, an event that invites the public to “stroll, sip, and sample your way through one of DC’s most vibrant neighborhoods.”


Farragut Fridays
Farragut Square
All Day

Farragut Square will once again become an outdoor office and a picnic spot during the first event in this year’s weekly series.


Funk Parade
U Street and the surrounding area
10 a.m.

More than 40 performers — including headlining act and legendary go-go band Rare Essence — are scheduled to play at 12 outdoor performance areas and 15 music venues during this year’s festival.

Adams Morgan Concert Series Kick-off
BB&T Bank plaza at 18th Street and Columbia Road NW
5 p.m.

The opportunity to pick up a Hula-Hoop and “shake your groove thang” to the beat of live music is coming back to an Adams Morgan plaza.

Around the World Embassy Tour
Northwest D.C.
3 p.m.

40 non-EU embassies located in Northwest D.C. will open their doors to all comers who want to experience those countries’ food, art, dance, fashion and music.

Free Comic Book Day
Fantom Comics in Dupont and Big Planet Comics on U Street
All Day

Dupont’s Fantom Comics and Big Planet Comics on U Street will dole out free special edition comics for this annual national holiday.


Collaboration Brewing With Port City and Schlafly
Heurich House (1307 New Hampshire Ave. NW)
6:30 p.m.

Alexandria’s Port City Brewing Company and Schlafly, a Saint Louis brewery, will present an “evening on collaboration brewing.” Reprensentatives from both breweries “will discuss historical styles of beer, changes in styles over the past 30 years and their effect on the industry, and the role and significance of collaborations.”

Photo via Funk Parade

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Espita Mezcaleria bottles 4

The weekend is almost here, but it’s raining. You take the good with the bad, right? Hope you’ve managed to stay dry so far. What do you have planned? Hopefully something fun.

The National Weather Service predicts wet weather tonight and possibly tomorrow, with warm weather and maybe even a little sun on Saturday. And if you’re looking to fire up the grill, Sunday is expected to be sunny with a high near 70.

Here’s what else you need to know to make the most of your weekend:


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Photo via Instagram : Golden Triangle BIDIf you’re reading this post, you (very likely) live on the planet known as Earth. And since you live there, why not clean up the place every once in a while? It’s a real mess sometimes, to be honest.

If you’re interested in pitching in, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to participate in the festivities tomorrow and this weekend. Here are just a few of them.


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D.C. Police are cracking down on the illegal dirt bike and ATV drivers that have been spotted tearing down 14th Street, U Street and Shaw, in addition to countless other parts of the city.

In a press conference held yesterday, Chief Cathy Lanier vowed to “pursue relentlessly these illegal ATVs and dirt bikes and move forward with their destruction.” Not by actual police pursuit, Lanier clarified, but by identification.

As part of its new operation to find and charge the drivers, the department yesterday released 245 photos of them in various states of fist pump and wheelie. We took a look through every single photo and noticed that flashy clothing, Macho Man goggles, biker helmets and skull masks seemed particularly popular.


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Screenshot from BizBuySell.comWe often write about local businesses opening or closing. What we don’t usually cover are the transactions in between — like when a business is sold to a new owner — even though business sales are quite common.

Our sister publication ARLnow.com took a look through the Arlington listings of a major business broker marketplace and found some interesting — and mysterious — listings. And it inspired us to do some digging this afternoon.

Though the businesses often go unnamed in these listings, there are details that provide clues as to which business it may be. (Full disclosure: we can’t be 100 percent sure that all listings are up to date.)

Anyway, we thumbed through the D.C. listings earlier today and highlighted some of what we found. Here are just some of the interesting local businesses that are currently listed on the site:


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The Nuclear Security Summit will be in town Thursday and Friday, and it might bring with it a mess for commuters.

International heads of state and government officials will convene at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center Thursday and Friday, meaning street closures, parking restrictions and even the temporary shuttering of the Mount Vernon Square/Convention Center Metro station.


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City squirrels have hard lives. Long hours spent outdoors. Nothing to eat but acorns and tree bark. Constant harassment from urban hawks.

It’s not surprising, then, that one might want to curl up with a good read and just chill out for once.

This tree rodent was spotted lugging a large wad of newsprint up the side of a house on P Street NW yesterday afternoon. While several onlookers held their breath, the squirrel perilously tugged its prize up a black metal fire escape and out of view. (more…)

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Snowy spot

You dug out the parking spot, made it look nice and clean. Sure, it took 45 minutes, but you are meticulous. And now that you’ve cleared the snow, you’re ready to head out. You get in your car, turn the key, and . . .

Wait. You just spent all this time shoveling snow. What if some jerk swoops in and steals your spot when you leave? You can’t let someone else mooch off of your hard work. Maybe you should kindly but firmly mark your territory with a well-placed lawn chair, or a cone, or a milk crate or a sign. (more…)

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The impending blizzard officially has a name, and that name is Jonas.

Jonas? Like, the brothers? Jonas? Like, the Weezer song? Jonas? Jonas? This storm — expected to dump double-digit snowfall across the region and bring wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour — is no Jonas.

We all know storms need to have catchy names. There was, of course, the Knickerbocker blizzard of 1922, the Presidents’ Day snowstorm of ’79, Snowmageddon. But Jonas? That’s no name for a storm that threatens to bury the city in frozen water and spark a years-long shortage of bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper. (more…)

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It was a big year here at Borderstan. It was also a big year in our neighborhoods. Restaurant openings, restaurant closures, crimes, fires, weirdness — the news never stops.

But what did you read? Here’s a look back at some of our most popular stories of 2015:

Madam’s Organ “fart fine” 

Adams Morgan blues bar Madam’s Organ was fined $500 in June for leaving its windows open while a live band played there in 2014. Regulators said the Adams Morgan bar was fined specifically for violating a settlement agreement brokered in 2008. But why were the windows open in the first place? Madam’s Organ’s owner, Bill Duggan, said a band’s drummer “opened the window to let [a] fart out.”

Though Duggan tried to push back against the fine in July, he ultimately did pay up.

Man shot in head in Adams Morgan

A man was shot in the head on a busy street in Adams Morgan in August. Though little was known about the shooting after it occurred, dozens of witnesses came forward to describe the harrowing crime.

The victim survived the attack, said police at an Adams Morgan ANC meeting in September. The investigation is still ongoing.

When Guy Fieri comes to town

D.C. erupted into a frenzy when we broke the news that Guy Fieri was coming to town in October. Where would he go? What would he eat? Would he ramp his signature red convertible?

Though his visit was shrouded in mystery, we eventually caught wind that the mucho grande food fan would end up wolfing down bread, cheese and meat at Bub and Pop’s on M Street.

Street artist defaces Ben’s Chili Bowl mural

A street artist going by the name “Smear Leader” affixed the grinning visage of Kim Jong Un on top of the Bill Cosby mural at Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street in October.

The news sparked a larger debate: Was this an act of artistic defiance or vandalism? In an online poll we conducted, 46 percent of you backed the artist’s decision to deface the mural.

Former site of “men’s parties” sex club becoming a J. Crew men’s store

In a poetic twist, J. Crew appears to have its sights set on opening a location in a Logan Circle building that once held the infamous “men’s parties” sex club. Though the company has tentatively set a May opening date, the building still appears to be in the early stages of a full rehabilitation.

Bartender saves the day at wine and tapas bar on 14th Street

When a masked man started waving a knife at Barcelona on 14th Street in August, one quick-thinking bartender saved the day by knocking the would-be robber out.

The Islander says goodbye to U Street

Longtime family-owned Caribbean restaurant and lounge The Islander left U Street in July, and many locals were sad to see it go.

“The soul of DC is dying everywhere and being replaced with boring $500K condos,” wrote one Borderstan commenter. “Hats off to the owner and staff for serving our community for so long,” wrote another.

Faux speakeasy really nails the theme

A faux speakeasy called The Speak was shut down in November for too closely resembling a real speakeasy. According to regulators, the bar was selling alcohol without a valid liquor license.

Photo via Facebook / Madam’s Organ

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Sudhouse Hooch Room

Borderstan is hosting a reader happy hour at Sudhouse (1340 U St. NW) tomorrow. You should come.

Here’s why:

  • Borderstan co-editors Tim “Slam Dunk” Regan and Andrew “Just Crazy ‘Bout Scooping” Ramonas will be there from 5 to 8 p.m. — so you know it will be a party.
  • Beer will cost $3, while Moscow mules will go for $6.
  • Sweet potato bacon fries are $3 and veggie burgers are $6.
  • We have the Sudhouse’s upper floor, a.ka. the “Hooch Room,” all to ourselves.
  • There is a pool table to settle neighborhood disputes through friendly games of billiards.

Though this is an open invite, we’d really appreciate it if you RSVP’ed ahead of time. And if you have any questions, let us know by e-mailing or tweeting at us.

See you tomorrow!

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Bei Bei sitting

It’s no secret that the National Zoo is getting new hours.

Starting Jan. 1, instead of opening at 6 a.m., the zoo will open at 8 a.m, and naturally, some people are miffed.

Last month, a Greater Greater Washington writer bemoaned the change in hours, saying it would bar early risers from jogging through the park, and a new petition urges zoo director Dennis Kelly to “keep the 6 a.m. opening time.”

The zoo says the forthcoming change is safety-related, and as a tradeoff, will begin opening its animal houses an hour earlier at 9 a.m.

What time do you think the zoo should open? Weigh in by voting in the poll and telling us what you think in the comments. Or just post panda pictures … we won’t be upset if you do.

Photo courtesy of the National Zoo

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Sudhouse Hooch Room

Who needs an excuse to go to another happy hour?

Uh, we do. That’s why we’ve reserved the upper floor of Sudhouse (1340 U St. NW) for a Borderstan reader happy hour on Tuesday Dec. 15 at 5 p.m.

Join Borderstan co-editors Tim “Slam Dunk” Regan and Andrew “Just Crazy ‘Bout Scooping” Ramonas for drink and food specials between 5 and 8 p.m. Happy hour prices include $3 beers, $6 Moscow mules, $3 orders of sweet potato bacon fries and $6 veggie burgers.

Attendees will also be able to play pool and board games or bask in the warm glow of two TVs.

Though this is an open invite, we’d really appreciate it if you RSVP’ed ahead of time. And if you have any questions, let us know by e-mailing or tweeting at us.

Hope to see you there!


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