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S4 bus on 16th StreetThe District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is scheduled to share the latest news in its plan to improve public transit on 16th Street NW.

DDOT will hold a community meeting on its “16th Street NW Transit Priority Project” at the Mount Pleasant Library (3160 16th St. NW) on Thursday, Sept. 22., at 6:30 p.m.

According to a press release, the meeting will update locals on the project, “including the start of the design phase and proposed transit service changes.” Residents will also have the chance to weigh in on the department’s plan “to improve transit performance and reliability” along the corridor.

As we reported earlier this year, a future when buses could easily cruise down 16th Street NW during rush hour is still likely years away.

Work to bring dedicated bus lanes to 16th Street NW and eliminate some of the corridor’s bus stops might not wrap up until 2020 or later, the District Department of Transportation said in a report earlier this year.

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Bulldog photo courtesy ShinolaA luxury goods retailer plans to give away treats and freebies to local dog owners at its 14th Street store this weekend.

Employees at Shinola (1631 14th St. NW)  are scheduled to give out “special dog-treat bars” and red, white and blue bandanas to four-legged friends who visit the store between 3 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, according to a press release.

The Detroit-based retailer of watches and leather accessories will hold the giveaway in conjunction with National Dog Day, a self-explanatory celebration that occurs every year on  Aug. 26.

This isn’t the first free event the store has held. Shinola also hosted a neighborhood block party with bluegrass music and food trucks in June.

Photo courtesy Shinola

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Band at Dupont Circle Metro

Sunday Service, Shorter Wait Times Coming to D.C. Streetcar — It will soon be possible to catch a streetcar on H Street all seven days of the week and every 12 minutes.The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will reportedly announce the service expansion later today. [WAMU 88.5]

Haikan to Open Saturday at Atlantic Plumbing Near 9:30 Club — The team behind Daikaya and Bantam King is slated to open its newest restaurant in the Atlantic Plumbing development this Saturday. When the restaurant opens, diners can expect Sapporo-style ramen, mapo tofu poutine and a cocktail made to taste like wasabi peas. [Washington City Paper]

Local Business Leaders Aim to Address Gentrification on 14th Street — Five local businesspeople gathered at the Studio Theater earlier this month to discuss gentrification on 14th Street. Parts of the city, the businesspeople said, suffers from two types of two types of gentrification: cultural and economic. [Greater Greater Washington]

Tree Nearly Nails Employee of Local Pub — Watch as a tree falls near Bloomingdale’s The Pub and The People, narrowly missing an employee. [FOX 5]

2 Birds 1 Stone to Launch ‘F–K It Frosé Week’ — The 14th Street bar will tackle the trendy frozen rosé cocktail craze with a weeklong drink menu starting Monday. [Washington City Paper]

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Metro display ads Aug 2016

Fully animated advertisements might soon catch your eye at Metro stations across the District and the surrounding area.

A national billboard and transit ad company is working to install brand new digital displays at key stations across the city, according to Metro.

“Over the next few weeks, our partner OUTFRONT Media will be replacing some existing, static advertising dioramas in the Metrorail System with new 65″ digital panels,” said Metro representative Morgan Dye.

The displays, which loop video advertisements in crystal clear quality, were recently installed at seven Metro stations across the District, including Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle and McPherson Square, Dye said.

Additional digital displays are set to be installed soon at Metro’s Farragut West and Foggy Bottom stations, Dye added.

Here’s Metro’s full list of the stations included in the project’s first phase:


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It looks like The Case of the Missing Firetruck is solved.

Officials with D.C.’s Department of General Services said the firetruck that disappeared from Walter Pierce Park’s playground last week wasn’t stolen. It was thrown away.

Kenneth Diggs, a spokesman for DGS, released the following statement on behalf of the DGS this afternoon:

The Department of General Services’ (DGS) Contract Services Unit responded to community requests to repair the broken equipment. It had been reported to DGS that children were being injured due to a broken plank on the fire truck. After evaluating the equipment, it was determined that the fire truck could not be repaired. In effort to err on the side of safety, the fire truck was disposed of by DGS to ensure there would be no further injury to children.

The decision to remove and dispose of the fire truck to protect children should have been communicated to community members who purchased the apparatus and to the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

DGS regrets both the lack of communication to the community – specifically to those who worked together to purchase the fire truck – and DPR of the removal and disposal of the play equipment.

DGS apologizes for the communication oversight and will replace the equipment with a new fire truck in the next six to eight weeks.

Mindy Moretti, one of the neighbors who helped kick off the campaign to find the playground vehicle known around Adams Morgan as “Freddie Da Firetruck,” said the whole process has been “absolutely maddening.”

“I am completely frustrated,” she said. “The miscommunication and lack of communication really does boggle the mind.”

Still, at least the neighborhood kids get a new firetruck out of the deal, Moretti said.

“I’m going to go out and hug it when it arrives… and I might even sleep it in the first night,” she said. “Might also try to organize some sort of welcome back party for it.”

“Freddie Da Firetruck” photo courtesy Mindy Moretti

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Adams Morgan Morning BRIEF

TaKorean to Open Location on U Street — It looks as though the Korean-Mexican restaurant has plans to bring its tacos to the U Street corridor. The company reportedly signed a lease for the spot formerly occupied by U Street Cafe. [Washington Business Journal]

Nick Cannon, Howard University Freshman? — The actor, musician and former Nickelodeon star has apparently enrolled at the historic university. “I have friends, mentors and colleagues who attended Howard University. I look forward to this new journey in my life and am excited about the possibilities ahead,” Cannon said in a statement. [Washington Post]

Adams Morgan Hostel Hopes to Modernize Concept — A new hostel in Adams Morgan hopes out-of-towners will again embrace the old business model.  The High Road (1804 Belmont Road NW) aims to “provide something that a one-off Airbnb never could, and that’s a sense of community, ” a representative told UrbanTurf. The hostel offers dormitory-style sleeping quarters and private rooms alongside modern amenities. [UrbanTurf]

ShopHouse Serving Wraps in Dupont — The Chipotle spinoff now serves wraps, but only at its location at 1516 Connecticut Ave. NW. The eatery started serving the burrito-like menu items after Georgetown students started bringing their own tortillas there, according to the company’s director of concept development. [Washingtonian]

D.C. Police Nab 60-Year-Old for Anti-Semitic Graffiti — MPD has arrested a man suspected of scrawling the word “JEW” on a crosswalk in Chinatown several times over the past month. Police yesterday arrested Generoso Anthony Capodilupo, 60, and charged him with multiple counts of defacing property. [DCist]

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Bike ride flyer via MPDD.C. Police officers are set to take locals on a leisurely bike ride through two historic neighborhoods next month.

The police department’s second and third districts will host a community bike ride on Saturday, Sept. 17, at 11 a.m., police tweeted last week.

The ride — which is slated to occur rain or shine — begins at Logan Circle and takes cyclists through a three-mile course that spans the neighborhoods of Dupont and Logan.

D.C. residents who want to participate are instructed to wear a helmet and bright clothing, police said.

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Walter Pierce Park Firetruck Gone

Updated at 2:55 p.m.: A D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) spokeswoman sent us the following statement regarding the firetruck:

The D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) was informed that there was a piece of playground equipment (the firetruck playground equipment) that could be hazardous. DPR’s Risk Management Department went to the site to inspect the equipment.

Upon arrival, they noticed the piece of equipment was not there. DPR researched internally to see if the equipment was removed and also reached out to our sister agency – Department of General Services (DGS) to see if they had removed the equipment. Neither DGS nor DPR removed the firetruck playground equipment. MPD has been notified.

Neither DPR nor DGS removes equipment without notifying the community.

DPR has contacted the vendor, which supplied the original beloved firetruck playground equipment. We are researching the cost and availability of firetruck playground equipment.

Read our original story below:

Who took the beloved firetruck equipment from Walter Pierce Park’s playground? It’s a question that’s currently perplexing locals in Adams Morgan.

The firetruck disappeared from a corner of the park sometime last week, according to neighbor Mindy Moretti:

The spot where the truck once sat was bare when a Borderstan reporter visited Walter Pierce earlier today.

Though it’s just a piece of playground equipment, the truck means a lot to the surrounding community, Moretti told us. Neighbors paid for and built the playground equipment in 2000, and since its installation, it’s been one of the park’s most popular attractions, she said.

“The firetruck is very much apart of our neighborhood,” Moretti added. “It was hugely popular.”

Since the truck’s disappearance, locals have scrambled to learn its whereabouts, even going so far as to jokingly photoshop its image on a milk carton.

Was the firetruck stolen? It’s possible, tweeted Jackie Stanley, outreach coordinator at the D.C. Department of General Services (DGS):

Despite Stanley’s tweet, D.C. Police told us today they haven’t yet received a call about the vanished vehicle.

Does Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Brianne Nadeau know what happened to the truck? Apparently not. Though Moretti and Nadeau briefly chatted about the playground equipment today, Moretti said Nadeau didn’t have any information to share.

So, we asked Nadeau’s office. What happened? Could someone really have stolen it?

“We can’t confirm anything at this point but we’re working to get to the bottom of it and to ensure it gets returned,” a representative for the councilmember told us in response. “It’s a beloved part of the park and there are a lot of parents and kids who are interested in seeing it back in place.”

Still, Moretti said she thinks The Case of the Missing Firetruck is likely just a big miscommunication. After all, unless you’re one of Carmen Sandiego’s henchmen, it’s not an easy feat to swipe a heavy piece of playground equipment.

Even if a city agency took it in for repairs, though, a little notice would have been nice, Moretti said.

“We’re still unclear where it is, if it’s getting fixed, when it’s coming back,” she explained. “If people had just bothered to send an email, post a sign in the park, anything, that would have saved a lot of consternation, anger, angst, everything.”

And so, the mystery continues.

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Centennial Living Arrowhead (Photo via Facebook/National Mall and Memorial Parks)(Updated at 9 a.m. Wednesday) The National Park Service is looking for more than 1,000 helpers to bring its arrowhead logo to life near the Washington Monument this week.

The agency is planning to create what it calls the “world’s largest National Park Service emblem” with participants holding brown, green and white umbrellas on the west side of the monument Thursday morning, according to a Facebook event post.

The first 1,000 people to arrive for the event between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. will get a free T-shirt and an umbrella to celebrate the “Centennial Living Arrowhead,” which is intended to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of the agency’s founding in 1916. Assembly of the umbrella panorama is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

“Between a National Park Service ‘living flag’ program for the bicentennial of Fort McHenry and a video that uses choreographed umbrellas to make designs that one of the staff had seen, the idea sort of evolved over a number of conversations about how best to commemorate the centennial of the National Park Service,” NPS spokesman Mike Litterst said in an email.

Before the event is slated to end at 11 a.m., the agency will have an aerial photograph of the display taken, an NPS news release says. The photo then will go up on the National Park Service’s website and social media pages.

Photo via Facebook/National Mall and Memorial Parks

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True Reformer Building U Street BRIEF

TANF Benefits Might Be Running Out for Some D.C. Residents — About 5,700 adults and 12,000 dependent children in D.C. have received help through the city’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program for longer than five years. Next year, however, the city might stop giving benefits to those longterm recipients. In response to the looming deadline, Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau has sponsored a bill that would possibly extend those benefits at the city’s expense. [Washington Post]

New Condos Bring ‘Urban Rustic’ Living to Park View — A newly opened 13-unit condominium at 3542 Warder St. NW has a buzzy phrase to sell units: “urban rustic.” [Washington Post]

Wydown Owners’ H Street Coffee Bar Could Open This Fall — A new coffee shop from the owners of The Wydown on 14th Street could open on H Street as early as this fall. When the new cafe opens, it will sell pastries, coffee and small plated snacks alongside beer and wine, said to Wydown co-owner Alex McCracken. [District Cuisine]

Anti-Semitic Graffiti Returns to Chinatown Crosswalk, This Time With Swastikas — For the fifth time this month, someone has scrawled the word “Jew” onto the zodiac crosswalk in Chinatown. But here’s something new: the graffiti now apparently includes swastikas. [DCist]

New Bike Route Signs on Park Road — Shiny new bike route signs now adorn light poles on Park Road near Georgia Ave. NW. Like any newcomer to the District, it’s only a matter of time before they’re covered in an impenetrable layer of grime. [New Columbia Heights]

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H Street Festival (Photo via Flickr/Ted Eytan)

Crowds are set to flood the H Street corridor for a day of alfresco drinking, eating and entertainment during the neighborhood’s biggest party next month.

The annual H Street Festival is scheduled to come back with beer and liquor gardens, Pokemon Go lounges, go-go music and BBQ, among other attractions, Saturday, Sept. 17.

Spanning between 4th and 14th streets NE on H Street, the celebration is slated to bring out more than 250 vendors from noon to 7 p.m.

According to the event’s organizers, here is some of what to expect:


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Longtime opponents of a plan to redevelop St. Thomas’ Parish (1772 Church St. NW) have ultimately been “unpersuasive,” The District’s Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) said last week.

In an order published Friday, the panel granted developer CAS Riegler a zoning variance it initially requested roughly one year ago and elaborated on its decision against the parish’s redevelopment foes.

Some neighbors have opposed the plan to turn the St. Thomas Church site into a religious center and apartment complex on the grounds that the new building would be too tall, would deprive locals of public space and would be incompatible with the surrounding historic neighborhood.

However, the plan’s opponents have seemingly failed to win D.C.’s governing bodies to their side. The Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) last July voted to approve the project. Similarly, the BZA voted to give its blessing to the plan earlier this year in January.

The BZA wrote in its order that it found the “argument made by the parties in opposition to be unpersuasive.”

The board continues:

Much of the opposition was related to the loss of the park that the community has enjoyed. However, the park is actually the private property of the church, and the community does not have a right to use that space. Furthermore, both the CSN and the DCCA expressed concerns regarding the application’s compatibility with the historic district. However, the Board notes that in granting concept approval, the HPRB was required to find that such compatibility existed. And while the Board is not compelled to accept the HPRB conclusion, the evidence in the record clearly corroborates its finding.

In other words — at least in regard to grievances over lost green space — it’s private property, and the church can do with it as it pleases.

As Dupont ANC 2B chair Nicole Mann pointed out on Twitter, the BZA’s latest opinion may not bode well for opponents of developer PN Hoffman’s plan to build a seven-story mixed-used building at SunTrust plaza in Adams Morgan.

Foes of that plan have said the building would deprive locals of a community space. In response, developer PN Hoffman has said the plaza is private property.

Sound familiar?

h/t ANC 2B’s Nicole Mann for sharing the order with us

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Shaw Metro sunset BRIEF

Back to School for DCPS Kids — D.C. Public Schools students across the District are heading back to class. Today marks the beginning of the traditional school year for thousands of students. [Twitter / DCPS]

Casa Ruby Founder: Organization ‘Kept Me Alive’ — Casa Ruby, an organization that advocates for local transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual people, also helped keep its founder, Ruby Corado, motivated during tough times. “The only thing that kept me alive was doing this work,” Corado told the Washington Post. “For a big part of my life, I felt I should have never been here, but I kept being here. I think I was given this life so that anybody who is going through anything, if they have any doubts that they’re going to be okay, they can look at me and know they’re going to be fine.” [Washington Post]

How Half Smoke Used Data to Pitch New Restaurant — The data is clear: millennials will like the new fast casual sausage eatery opening this month at 651 Florida Ave. NW. Or at least, that’s what the restaurant’s founder, Andre McCain, says. McCain spent months drilling into the numbers to determine why businesses succeed or fail and honed his fast casual sausage eatery concept in the process. [Washington Post]

Pun Fun at DC Improv — Meet the wizards of wordplay that compete to make the best (or worst?) puns at DC Improv. [DCist]

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Mount Pleasant

The Passenger in Shaw Reopens — Shaw bar The Passenger officially reopened for business in a new location yesterday after shutting down in January 2015. [Facebook/The Passenger]

Kosher Food Truck Rolls Into Foggy Bottom — Brooklyn Sandwich Co., a kosher deli on wheels, has started selling food on George Washington University’s campus in Foggy Bottom. [Washington City Paper]

Union Market Pavilion Opens With Beer, Live Music — The outdoor D.C. Pavilion in the Union Market area now has beer for sale and music performances. [DCist]

U Street Art Show Looks at Housing — The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery on the U Street corridor is hosting an art exhibition that “explores the dwelling from various points of view,” according to show notes. [Greater Greater Washington]

A Peek Inside New Dirty Goose Gay Bar on U Street — Brightest Young Things visited LGBT-friendly bar The Dirty Goose, which opened yesterday. [Brightest Young Things]


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